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Back to Our Roots

Shock: Mitt Romney is quickly falling out of favor with the GOP.

Ok, I’m not really shocked.  In fact while I thought Romney was going to win, it wasn’t what I was predicting when he won the nomination.  In fact, I wrote back in March on that when it came down to it, the election would not be about the economy.  Turns out, I was right.

With a mixture of QE Infinity, a suspect September jobs report, and unemployment applications surprisingly falling (because California failed to report their numbers on time), the argument on the economy became relatively dampened just in time for the election.  Toss in pure media malpractice in their coverage on Benghazi and Sandy, where there was simply the latest in a string of incompetencies by this administration, and come election day Romney’s success as a businessman did not put him over the edge in voters minds.

What did put Obama over the edge was perception.  Obama was the candidate with your lady parts on his mind, and not in a dirty way.  He was the one who didn’t put women in binders, whatever that means.  But he was the one who is making it so that our nation stops killing sick people.  He is the one who cares so much about the poor and middle class, despite taxing them through Obamacare.  And of course, his strategy of divide and conquer worked.  Obama is the President of blacks, Hispanics, women, students, the poor, the middle class, Hollywood, and so on.  Romney’s one failed attempt at divide and conquer was announcing that he was not the guy for the 47%.  Somehow that was less successful than Obama’s strategy.

The Republican establishment has 2012 all figured out.  If only we offered our version of the Dream Act, rewarding young illegal immigrants for good behavior.  If only we were less rigid about what we believed and sounded more like Democrats.  The fact is, we did ok with moderates.  Moderates don’t win elections.  The only reason we keep having it drilled into our heads that they do is because pandering to moderates is a great way to lose conservative votes.

Now, Republicans have an opportunity to communicate with the country.  The Fiscal Cliff should teach the country a few very important lessons.  All the tax hikes in the world won’t solve our deficit problem.  Tax hikes on the rich will hurt the economy, but they won’t cover even one major pork bill.  The problem is spending.  We are spending ourselves broke and not even taxes on the rich can close the gap.

But instead, the lesson coming out of the fiscal cliff is that we all need to do our fair share.  Those of us who make more should pay far more.  Forget deficits and budgets and all that wonky stuff.  If you are rich, you didn’t build that.  It’s time for you to suffer like we are all suffering so that we can all share in this wonderful suffering that is America.  Somehow this is the message that is resonating, and it is probably because we have no Newt Gingrich in Congress to stand up and call the whole concept ridiculous.

Conservatism is not about shared suffering.  It is about freedom and opportunity.  It is about striving for so much freedom and opportunity that poverty becomes a choice.  It is about a people who tell the government what it can and can’t do, not the other way around.  It’s about personal responsibility and the ability to choose whether or not to buy your neighbor the things he or she needs and wants.

Conservatism is about fair, simple taxes.  It is about states rights.  It is about limited foreign engagement only when our national security is at risk.  It is about the right to drink beer and shoot off fireworks in your back yard.  It is about the right to teach your kids the Bible or worship however you want.  It is about the right to live, pursue happiness, own property, earn your way through school and get a job you love.  The outcomes are not guaranteed, but the right to pursue the outcomes are.

This is a message that would resonate.  Freedom gets people to the polls.  The problem is that too many moderate Republicans are so worried about governing that they forget their primary responsibility: to uphold the constitutional protections against their attempts to govern.  We are a nation of individuals governed by states and united under one constitution.  A party that runs on a conservative constitutionalist platform will win.


Healthcare Solutions

There are alternatives to paying trillions for the Government to look at what their computer tells about the most intimate details of your life and then decide what treatment you should get from their underpaid doctors.

1. End medicare and medicaid. These open ended guaranteed government payments allow businesses to operate and make millions while justifying poor service because the Government thinks it is paying discounted prices. Any medical assistance programs must be implemented on a state level where it is not unconstitutional.

2. Employers should be able to let employees choose their individual plan based on their needs. For example, I am not going to get pregnant, and I don’t anticipate most of the health problems that come with age at this point in my life. Yet I am paying for all of that in my insurance plan.

3. Insurance should be portable and easily picked up and dropped. When you buy car insurance, you are covered at that moment. When you buy health insurance, you have to wait a year for some coverage to become applicable. This will create competition.

4. People should be able to buy policies from other states. However, insurance companies should also have the option to not sell to certain states that have strict laws regulating insurance companies.

5. People shouldn’t have to go to doctors with 8 years of college debt to get simple physicals or other simple procedures and diagnosis. They can if they want to, but they shouldn’t have to. I can go to Wal Mart for a $70 eye exam, or I can spend a couple hundred dollars to see a private eye doctor practice.

6. Some prescriptions should be de-regulated. Think about it, you can get Plan B over the counter, but for a much lower dose birth control taken daily you have to get annual checkups and pay prescription costs.

7. HSA plans are a good idea, but the fees make them not worth it. HSA plans must be made simple like a self-directed IRA to be used for any medical costs no matter what your insurance is. If someone wants full coverage and an HSA, go for it. If they want no insurance and an HSA, go for it.

8. Doctor/patient confidentiality must apply only to citizens and legal residents. Illegal aliens must be treated and then sent back to their home country where they can obey our immigration laws just like everyone else, however they must pay any medical expenses outstanding as part of the citizenship process.

9. Uninsured individuals must pay for procedures. They can negotiate payment plans and prices with the doctors, but if they use medical services they must pay what the doctor determines they owe. Medical liens should be available to doctors so that they can choose whether or not to treat a delinquent patient before doing an operation.

10. There must be truth in advertising. Doctors must be able to let you know exactly what you will owe for a procedure before you have it and you must be able to easily acquire from your insurance company what they will and will not cover. Except in emergencies, reimbursements must be issued before the procedure takes place. This will ensure limited legal action and no recalculations of what you owe after the fact.

11. We need serious and real tort reform. I would recommend a standardization of what a doctor or insurance company must pay for each situation. I would also recommend a clear understanding between doctor and patient of what creates a legal liability for a doctor. For example, if they amputate the wrong foot, it should be clear what your legal options are. If they are doing a procedure and due to no fault of their own something goes wrong, they should be protected from lawsuits. If a doctor explains an operation to you, listing the risks, and you choose to have the operation, you must be the one responsible for that decision.

12. Doctor education needs to be reformed. The cost of doctor education is unreasonable. But education is a whole other topic that I have dealt with in other places.

13. Patients medical records should be made electronic with every patient being able to access and transfer them from doctor to doctor. GOVERNMENT MUST NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THESE RECORDS. You think voter ID cards are a violation of civil rights…

14. It’s up to the states, but I would recommend that states do not cover abortions, smoking or drug related illness, sexually transmitted diseases or cosmetic surgery.

15. Businesses and individuals should be allowed and encouraged to pool insurance plans or create healthcare associations to negotiate for lower rates and create pooled risk. Already there are many Christian community organizations who do this and provide medical coverage for less than $100 a month.

The Great Debate

Originally posted May 3, 2009, edited August 15, 2009 for this blog

In 1789 the Constitution of the United States was ratified and became the law of the land. The purpose of the Constitution, besides what is stated in the preamble, was to provide for a nation without a king or an aristocracy. Not to say that the United States prohibits anyone from getting rich, quite the opposite. The United States Constitutions guarantees our freedom to life, liberty, and the pursuit of property and happiness.

The Key is the “pursuit”. The Constitution and our founding documents do not guarantee property or happiness. There is a very good reason for this. If the government guarantees you happiness and property, then by definition the government must provide such happiness and property. This is counter to the American Dream.

This is the central political argument of our day. It’s not anything new, but it has been muddled up. The question is who should be responsible for you and your happiness? We have two parties who believe that it is Government’s job to provide us with happiness and property. But we have strong evidence that the majority of Americans would prefer freedom and the pursuit.

Consider this, after six years of a Republican President and a Republican congress who spent way too much, passed acts such as the Patriot Act which had to be modified in order to once again be thinly constitutional, and shot themselves in the foot by failing to constitutionally declare war, Democrats were able to win the election promising spending controls, a balanced budget, and by running so-called blue-dog Democrats who are more conservative, believe in the second amendment, and in some cases are even pro-life.

Of course, the blue-dogs have no teeth and we have increased spending in two months as much as Bush did in 8 years. And the agenda of the President and Congress who promised to be a contrast to the high spending Bush years have passed vast social changes that have secured our position in a post-constitutional era.

How does the “party of conservatism” respond? Ed Gillespie said it best on C-Span this morning. His key to Republicans winning the majority is for them to run big tent post-constitutional candidates who don’t support the second amendment or the right to life. Does that make sense? The Left had to accuse the Right of being too Left and run right-wing Democrats to win. Now the Right thinks they can win by running leftists? We saw how well that worked this past November. When given the choice between a Democrat leftist and a Republican leftist, America chose the real deal.

But the argument remains. Should the Government still be constrained by the Constitution? Are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness still guaranteed by the Constitution? Or granted by the Government? Just because both parties agree that Government is the solution, either directly or through pseudo-conservative alternative programs, does that mean they are right?

I propose a different solution. This is why we have proposed the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement. In this argument, the major parties are obsolete. We represent the view that Government must do no less than what the Constitution mandates, and no more than the Constitution allows. We believe that every able-bodied man and woman must have opportunity and must be free to take that opportunity as far as their hard work will get them.

The growth and prosperity of a society has a direct correlation to how much its citizens are invested in their own success.

We believe that our government must return to its founding documents. This means a strict adherence to the enumerated powers. This means protection and implementation of all the amendments, including the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 10th, 15th, and 19th no matter how difficult it is for the politicians running our government.

We believe that arguing personhood based solely on what side of the mother’s skin you are on is a false and frivolous argument. We believe that the Federal Government has absolutely no say in what guns and weapons may or may not be banned. We believe that spending must be reduced to constitutional levels and taxes must be simple and fair.

We believe in free markets, freedom of commerce, freedom of opportunity, freedom of self-determination, freedom of religion, freedom to become filthy rich and freedom to give those riches away. We believe in the rule of law, but we also believe that moral accountability is ultimately between you and God. We believe that Secular Humanism is one of the many religions that must not be established by our Government.

We believe in the freedom and self-determination of the states. We believe that it is a crime against the constitution when politicians win elections based on how much money they have taken from taxpayers across the country to fund pet projects in their home-town.

We believe in consequences for our actions, whether good or bad. But we also believe in the good of the people of the United States of America. We believe that states, localities, churches and communities will assume the duties that the Federal Government gives up in our return to constitutionality.

We are the Conservative Constitutionalist Movement, we are the movement that represents the side of freedom and self-determination. We are the movement who believes in reward for hard work and discipline, and in the individuals’ responsibility for their fellow man as they see fit without duress from the Government.

Give people their freedom, give them their constitutional rights, give them self-determination and the right to pursue happiness and property, and see what happens.

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