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The Right to Taxpayer Funded Abortion

Imagine if Mitt Romney gets elected, makes polygamy legal and mandates mission trips for young people.  I think we would be pretty shocked at the bold establishment of religion coming from the white house.  Yet we did not have that same gut reaction when Obama established his religion from the white house and got it passed without the required majority support through budget reconciliation. 

This is why the conservative movement has been so unprepared to handle charges that they are oppressing women or denying people rights when we object to being forced to pay for abortion.  Being told that by me not paying for someone else’s birth control, I am denying them the right to birth control is like telling a jungle native that they must be born again and put Jesus in their heart.  It just doesn’t translate.  The argument that healthcare is a right and society must therefore provide it is so ridiculous that conservatives reject it automatically.  But for Obama and social justice, liberation Christians it is gospel truth.

I checked, healthcare isn’t in the constitution.  But neither are puppies, and there are certain things you just have to be cautious about when arguing against.

What is in the constitution is religion and guns.  In fact, the private ownership and practice of both are enumerated rights.  What if I am too poor to afford a gun?  What if my community is too poor to support a church?  How is it that social justice does not then require the government or society to purchase my gun for me?  And as simply as that, for the non-liberation theologian, the idea of society owing me healthcare is defeated.

So why doesn’t this concept fall so easily?  If you listen to the liberal argument, Georgetown is denying Sandra Fluke the right to birth control by not buying it for her.  The right has a “war on women” because we want to protect the religious liberty and conscience of churches and religious organizations.  Conservatives have already ceded the rights of the religious employer in a secular field.  And how easily we let go.  I often wonder if Ben Nelson, Democrat from Nebraska who sold his conscientious objection to abortion funding for an earmark, ever wishes he could buy back his soul.

To understand the religious connotations of social justice in healthcare and why this religion shamelessly trumps the constitution, you have to understand liberation theology and James Cone.  Cone was required reading at Obama’s church.  Cone divided his teaching into dogmatic and methodological teachings.  The dogmatic teaching was the paradox that there is no universal truth.  Not even revelation in the Scriptures is absolute truth.  In fact, God is not in control and the very evidence of that is the existence of racism.

Cone’s methodological approach was contextual-dialectic.  What this means is that scripture has value in the way it relates to the reader’s context.  For Cone, this meant that the value of scripture was how it confirmed his own perception of racism against blacks.  From his perspective, there was no value in the original, contextual meaning of the scriptures.

Apply this to Obama’s thinking, and it makes sense that he would think Jesus wanted him to raise taxes, or that healthcare is a social justice right that trumps the constitution.  It also explains a lot about the ambiguity of Obama’s faith, his comfort level with the Muslim faith, and why he is so eager to impose his liberation theology on the country.  Obama is what the media keeps trying to convince us Santorum is.  Obama is a religious fanatic who is seeking to impose his beliefs on the country.  He is not alone, social justice and liberation theology is the spine of the liberal movement in the United States.  Documents like the constitution have value only to the extent that they endorse the liberal readers personal context.

That is why when a religious employer refuses to buy abortion pills for their employees, they are actually denying that employee the right to have abortion pills and are stealing her rights.  This is truth from the liberal perspective.

If Conservatives are going to successfully defend the constitution, perhaps James Cone should be required reading for us as well.


Back to being just President

It’s amazing to me that after shrugging of Republican fears of anti-constitutional judicial activism, now Democrats are crying judicial activism after the voiding of Obamacare by a Pensacola judge.  Judge Roger Vinson agreed with 26 states that the Federal government does not have the right to force citizens to buy certain products from private corporations.

He is right.  Where in the constitution does it even suggest that the government can force people to buy things?  And this is for a very good reason.  After all, if the government could mandate that you buy certain products from private industries, then those in power could maintain their power by picking winners and losers through legislation.

For a good example, you don’t need to look any further than the Obama administration’s handling of the bailouts.  They violated the constitution when they took Chrysler and GM from the bond and stock holders and handed them over to the unions.  Imagine what they could do if the judiciary upheld a law stating that they could order citizens to purchase goods from private companies.

What would happen is that we would all eventually be fit into the government mold of a model citizen.  If the government could tell you what foods you could eat, or what car you could drive, don’t you think they would?

Actually, they already do through our tax system.  You get tax breaks if you buy a home, go to school, buy energy efficient improvements or cars, give to charity, or do so many other government approved activities.

For once, a judge is saying no and is upholding the constitution.  President Obama must be mystified that a court would actually act as a check and balance against his power.  For years the judiciary was the vehicle of social changes that the legislature could not pass if they hoped to be re-elected.  Whether it was deciding that women have the constitutional right to privacy when depriving their unborn of the constitutional right to life or almost any decision by the 9th circuit, the courts have not been the last line of defense for constitutionalism that they were designed to be.  This time, the system worked.

Fresh into Obama’s presidency, he chose to stop enforcing federal drug laws in medical marijuana states.  He so poorly enforced immigration laws that states resorted to writing their own immigration laws, which he then sued them for.  Obama chose to drop the voter intimidation case against the black panthers even after the justice department had won the case.  He violated the constitution with a moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf.  When a judge struck it down, he turned around and issued a new moratorium.

With everything going on in Egypt, if anyone should be respecting the will of the people and our democratic rule of law, it should be President Obama.  Our constitutional system of freedom, elections, and a government of checks and balances is what prevents Presidents from becoming tyrants, and citizens from becoming revolutionaries on days other than the first Tuesday in November.

Sofar, the administration is appealing and ignoring the ruling.  But if Vinson’s ruling stands, Obama will need to make a decision.  Will he respect our constitution and the rule of law and start over on healthcare?

Obama has delivered change.  We now have an executive branch that can own private businesses, force consumers to buy, pick and choose what laws to enforce, reward supporters and punish detractors.  Obama has greatly extended the power of his office.

The message from Judge Vinson’s ruling is clear.  We have a democratic government designed with checks and balances and based on the constitution.  It’s time for Obama to go back to being just President.

Obama’s Healthcare Plan vs. My Healthcare Solutions

A few months ago I wrote fifteen Conservative Constitutionalist healthcare solutions that would fix our healthcare system.  Since then, Obama has passed his healthcare reform tax bill.  Let’s see how his solutions measure up.

1. End medicare and medicaid. These open ended guaranteed government payments allow businesses to operate and make millions while justifying poor service because the Government thinks it is paying discounted prices. Any medical assistance programs must be implemented on a state level where it is not unconstitutional.

Instead, Obama cut Medicare payments to doctors and Medicare prescription plans for seniors.  At the same time he expanded Medicaid requirements for states, except for states of Senators whose vote he bought.  And he expanded Medicare to everyone who makes under 133% of the poverty level, starting in 2014.  He also increased Medicare taxes for individuals who make more than $125,000 (if married) and on investment income.

2. Employers should be able to let employees choose their individual plan based on their needs. For example, I am not going to get pregnant, and I don’t anticipate most of the health problems that come with age at this point in my life. Yet I am paying for all of that in my insurance plan.

Instead, companies will be penalized up to $2,500 per employee who they don’t cover under one of Obama’s qualified plans that covers what Obama thinks should be covered.  If your company doesn’t cover you, you will face fines up to $2,260 for not buying your own health insurance that Obama thinks you should have.

3. Insurance should be portable and easily picked up and dropped. When you buy car insurance, you are covered at that moment. When you buy health insurance, you have to wait a year for some coverage to become applicable. This will create competition.

When Obamacare finally comes online in 2014, your insurance plan still won’t be portable because your company will still be required to cover you.  However, it will supposedly be easier to purchase insurance since you can’t be denied for pre-existing conditions.  It does mean though that insurance will be more expensive.

4. People should be able to buy policies from other states. However, insurance companies should also have the option to not sell to certain states that have strict laws regulating insurance companies.

Buying across state lines is still not allowed.  And many insurance companies will be squeezed out of current state markets through higher taxes on insurance companies and increased regulations.

5. People shouldn’t have to go to doctors with 8 years of college debt to get simple physicals or other simple procedures and diagnosis. They can if they want to, but they shouldn’t have to. I can go to Wal Mart for a $70 eye exam, or I can spend a couple hundred dollars to see a private eye doctor practice.

Actually, Obama’s bill makes you need to go to the doctor for more.  Under the Obama bill, you cannot deduct over the counter medical expenses or pay for them with your HSA or 125 plan without a doctor prescription.

6. Some prescriptions should be de-regulated. Think about it, you can get Plan B over the counter, but for a much lower dose birth control taken daily you have to get annual checkups and pay prescription costs.

Again, not only will there be greater impetus to get doctor prescriptions for drugs, but this bill actually subsidizes name brand prescriptions which will squeeze cheaper generics out of the market.

7. HSA plans are a good idea, but the fees make them not worth it. HSA plans must be made simple like a self-directed IRA to be used for any medical costs no matter what your insurance is. If someone wants full coverage and an HSA, go for it. If they want no insurance and an HSA, go for it.

This bill severely limits what you can contribute to health savings accounts of all kinds, limits what you can spend the funds on, and doubles penalty taxes if you spend the funds on the wrong things, like over the counter drugs. And again, it makes it illegal to not patronize the insurance companies even if you can afford your own healthcare without insurance.  This bill makes insurance companies the permanent middleman which will keep prices for basic medical care high.

8. Doctor/patient confidentiality must apply only to citizens and legal residents. Illegal aliens must be treated and then sent back to their home country where they can obey our immigration laws just like everyone else, however they must pay any medical expenses outstanding as part of the citizenship process.

This bill does nothing to curb use of our healthcare system by illegal aliens.  In fact, this is a better system for them because they don’t have to pay penalty taxes for not paying for insurance.

9. Uninsured individuals must pay for procedures. They can negotiate payment plans and prices with the doctors, but if they use medical services they must pay what the doctor determines they owe. Medical liens should be available to doctors so that they can choose whether or not to treat a delinquent patient before doing an operation.

Now, uninsured individuals can wait until they get sick or injured and then buy insurance that day.  It will increase the price of insurance, which will cause more people to choose to not buy insurance and pay the penalty taxes instead.  The result is a spiral upward of healthcare prices. The mandates don’t bring down health insurance prices, they only fund Obama and the government for more spending.

10. There must be truth in advertising. Doctors must be able to let you know exactly what you will owe for a procedure before you have it and you must be able to easily acquire from your insurance company what they will and will not cover. Except in emergencies, reimbursements must be issued before the procedure takes place. This will ensure limited legal action and no recalculations of what you owe after the fact.

The insurance exchanges are supposed to produce this.  But with insurance companies as the permanent middleman between us and our doctors and the government as the permanent middleman between us and our insurance companies, don’t count on it.

11. We need serious and real tort reform. I would recommend a standardization of what a doctor or insurance company must pay for each situation. I would also recommend a clear understanding between doctor and patient of what creates a legal liability for a doctor. For example, if they amputate the wrong foot, it should be clear what your legal options are. If they are doing a procedure and due to no fault of their own something goes wrong, they should be protected from lawsuits. If a doctor explains an operation to you, listing the risks, and you choose to have the operation, you must be the one responsible for that decision.

We got nothing.    Obama would not sell out his lawyer supporters.

12. Doctor education needs to be reformed. The cost of doctor education is unreasonable. But education is a whole other topic that I have dealt with in other places.

Now, when doctors finally get out of school, they will be paying taxes on their services as well.    And when they go to school, there will no longer be competition in regards to their student loans because the Government has taken over the entire school loan sector of our economy.  Apparently that makes us healthier.

13. Patients medical records should be made electronic with every patient being able to access and transfer them from doctor to doctor. GOVERNMENT MUST NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THESE RECORDS. You think voter ID cards are a violation of civil rights…

Not only will the government have access to our personal records, but so will the IRS and Social Security administration.  The chief of Health and Human Services will use our medical records to standardize and de-humanize treatments.

14. It’s up to the states, but I would recommend that states do not cover abortions, smoking or drug related illness, sexually transmitted diseases or cosmetic surgery.

Smoking and age are now the only two factors insurance companies can use in determining what you pay.  Apparently you can still drink, eat twinkies for breakfast lunch and dinner, engage in promiscuous sex, do drugs, and whatever else as long as you don’t smoke.  And when you get AIDS, liver disease and diabetes from your unhealthy lifestyle, the insurance companies have to cover you that day and charge you the same as what they charge your health-nut neighbor (unless he smokes in which case they can charge him more).  Philip Morris must not have sent enough lobbyist muscle to Washington.

The government will ensure that everything else is covered.  And if you want an abortion, the government will write you a blank check.  Just don’t tell them what it’s for.  It’s like telling anti-gun advocates that you are going to give $1 million to every gunstore in the country so that they can increase their inventory of safety equipment.  You’re not anti-safety, are you?

15. Businesses and individuals should be allowed and encouraged to pool insurance plans or create healthcare associations to negotiate for lower rates and create pooled risk. Already there are many Christian community organizations who do this and provide medical coverage for less than $100 a month.

The government will allow for government regulated non-profit insurance co-ops, but with taxes on doctors, healthcare equipment, drugs, and increased regulations on health savings accounts and insurance companies, it’s doubtful whether even a non-profit co-op would be affordable.

So, when do they pass healthcare REFORM?

The bill is passed.  Finally, after hundreds of years, we have healthcare.  No more poverty, no more sickness, no more evil insurance company profits.  But before you cancel your policy and call your representative for your free health insurance card, you might want to do a little research and see just what is, and isn’t, in this bill.

First of all, you won’t see the majority of the provisions in this bill until 2014.  The tough parts of the bill hit in odd years, and the best provisions start in even years.  Guess what else happens in even years…elections.

In 2010, we see expansions of coverage.  Children with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage, even if parents had ample time to establish coverage before the condition was discovered.  The definition of a dependent (for insurance purposes only) will change to anyone up to 26 years of age and insurance companies must cover them under their parents’ plan.  Seniors who have spent more than $2,830 on prescriptions will get an extra $250.  There will be tax credits for businesses with up to 25 employees, but that may be subject to average salary levels which could be as low as $25,000 a year.

Hospitals, healthcare providers, home health agencies and others will face significant reductions in Medicare payments.   Many will probably stop taking new Medicare patients, especially when healthy young 26 year olds can go to the doctor’s office for the sniffles and daddy’s insurance has to pay for it.  When I was 26 I was making less than 25k a year and buying health insurance for my family.

What about taxes?  Well, in 2010 we see a 10% sales tax on indoor tanning.  Good thing I live in a beach town.  What about free healthcare?  Not yet.  In fact, we will all be paying more to make up for lower Medicare payments to doctors.  But senior voters will get their $250 vote bribe.

In 2011 we see a voluntary long-term care benefit created to cover nursing home costs or home health, but benefits won’t start until you’ve been paying in for five years.  Medicare patients who have spent that $2,830 get a 50% discount on name brand drugs, not generics.  Doctors in underserved areas, who are still taking Medicare patients, get a 10% bonus to continue taking Medicare patients.  Payments to Medicare Advantage are frozen, but funding for community health centers is boosted.  Whether or not those centers will be able to perform abortions with that funding is still up in the air.  And finally, the bill imposes a $2.3 billion tax on drugmakers which will go up every year.  It shouldn’t take an economics degree to know who will pay that $2.3 billion tax.

In exchange for that $2.3 billion in extra taxes that drug-makers will pass on to consumers, competition from generics is crushed.  Also, with this bill it is illegal for the Government to negotiate for lower prices on Medicare drugs.  That’s probably why the Wall Street Journal calls this bill a huge victory for big drug companies. Good job Democrats.  By the way, in 2011 still no free health insurance.

In 2012 we will have the public option.  Yes, you read that right.  A new government program will be set up to create non-profit insurance co-ops to compete with commercial insurers.  While it is not a government run insurance program, it will be interesting to see how it is implemented and subsidized.  Also, hospitals with high readmission rates will be penalized and possibly cut off through lower Medicare reimbursements.

So, no free health insurance in 2012.  But it is Obama’s re-election year, so we will see a de facto public option.  Will the public option cut costs?  It’s doubtful when everything else in this bill sofar increases actual healthcare costs.  Public option co-ops may not have to pay for profits, but they will have to pay the embedded taxes and make up for Medicare cuts.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is the PR generated by the public option being generated in Obama’s election year.

In 2013 we have some good news.  Insurance company paperwork will be standardized, which should hopefully eliminate confusion and cut costs.  The bad news is that it is being standardized by the Government.  More bad news in 2013 includes limits on Flexible Spending Accounts (cafeteria plans) deferrals and higher taxes.  The wage threshold for deducting medical expenses will go up from 7.5% to 10% for all Americans, and we will pay a 2.3% sales tax on medical devices and equipment.  All these additional taxes will take effect in 2013 but the only mandates sofar are that insurers provide coverage to children with pre-existing conditions and 26 year olds under their parents’ plan.  There is some relief for Medicare patients (not enrolled in Medicare Advantage), however experts feel Medicare doctors and providers are hit hardest by the bill.

For individuals making $200,000 (joint filers making $250,000) Medicare taxes are going up .9%.  Also these individuals will also owe an additional 3.8% in taxes on investment income, including stock sales, dividends, interest, rental income, etc.  I suppose Obama is counting on the economy being all better before we get hit with these taxes on economic growth.  Of course, by the time these taxes hit, we might have a Republican President.

2013, still no free healthcare.  Not even cheaper healthcare.  Instead, by 2013 prices will have skyrocketed from embedded taxes.  Insurers will still be able to drop anyone older than 26, and drug companies will be making out like bandits with little competition.

2014 is when the major provisions of the bill finally hit.  So free healthcare, right?  In 2014, insurers will no longer be able to deny coverage to anyone based on pre-existing conditions.  But they also won’t be able to vary rates based on anything beyond age, location, and tobacco usage.  This means that healthy Americans will pay the same rates as the obese and drunk, so long as they don’t patronize the evil tobacco industry.  Insurance rates can go as high as $27,000 per family without the insurance company paying additional taxes.

States will be forced to create and maintain insurance exchanges (whether they can afford it or not), but these insurance exchanges won’t provide free coverage.  They will just squeeze any smaller insurance companies out of the market so that the bigger companies can charge more.  Every American will be forced to purchase insurance, which will increase demand and prices.  In fact, businesses will have to pony up $2,000 for every employee they don’t cover, and individuals will have to pay up to $2,250 in penalties to the IRS if they don’t buy insurance.  The government is hiring 17,000 new IRS agents to enforce this unconstitutional mandate.

So when does the government start giving us free insurance?  It doesn’t.  When you get laid off from your job because your boss can’t afford another $2,000 per employee, how do you afford $27,000 premiums and embedded taxes on your drugs, equipment and doctor’s visits?  The government gives you tax credits.

To qualify for this government handout, you have to be making less than 400% of the poverty level.  The subsidy would be on a sliding scale, up to 9.5% of your income.  So how would this work?

If you are single, making $42,400 or less you can get a tax credit.  But 9.5% of your income on a sliding scale means you probably wouldn’t even see $4,000 in subsidies.  If you make more than 400% of the poverty line, you are out of luck.    My wife and I are just above the threshold for couples and would not be eligible for any tax credits.

In the meantime, in addition to higher prices on drugs and medical supplies, embedded taxes on doctors and providers, and limitations on competition, in 2014 every insurance company left is hit with $8 billion a year in taxes to pass on to us.  This tax will weed out any remaining competition, and will help drive prices up even higher so that even an $8,000 credit for a family of four won’t cover half your plan.  With additional taxes not hitting insurance plans until they reach $27,000, that may be the point.  We can’t have the single payer socialist system Obama always wanted until this plan fails.

No free healthcare, no competition, no help for the middle class, no punishing evil CEOs, and surprise surprise, no healthcare reform.

The Blindside?

Nancy Pelosi heard that the American people want a no-vote on Obamacare, but I think she misunderstood.  Instead, she is giving us no vote on Obamacare.

But wait, you ask.  How is that constitutional?  Don’t the House and Senate have to pass a bill before the President can sign it into law?  Yes.  So how is Pelosi going to pass the Senate bill without forcing her Democrats to go on the record and vote for it?

What has become known as the Slaughter Solution was not originally designed to be a devious tactic or to push bills through that the party leadership wants but the American people don’t.  Originally it was designed as a time saver.  The normal process is that the House writes a bill and passes it, the Senate writes their own version and passes it, then they get together and work out their differences.  After that the House and Senate put together identical bills based on their conferences and then each pass it again.  The Slaughter Solution allowed the House to avoid writing and passing a whole new bill by writing a mix of amendments to the Senate bill and then passing it.  Then the Senate passes the House amendments.  That way, the House can say the original Senate bill was “deemed to have passed” by passing the amendment package.

Confused?  That is what Pelosi is counting on.  Pelosi is counting on this because confusion on the Slaughter Solution is the key to her strategy.  Discounting the vigilance of the American people, Pelosi’s Slaughter play is pure genius.  And it’s not about figuring out how to pass Obamacare without voting on it.

What Pelosi is doing with the Slaughter Solution is giving her Democrats cover to vote for an amendment package that the Senate either cannot or will not pass with reconciliation.  While Stupak might see the ruse and refuse to vote for this, it gives the phony pro-life bluedogs exactly the excuse they have been looking for to get back in the Left’s good graces.

Here is how it will go down.  The bluedogs and “conservative” Democrats will announce that they are undecided on the Senate version of Obamacare.  They will tell their conservative voters that they disapprove of the kickbacks.  They will tell their union bosses that they disapprove of the Cadillac tax on high priced insurance polices.  They will tell the pro-life majority in our country that they would never approve of taxpayer funding for abortion.  And to fix that, they will vote for Pelosi’s reconciliation amendment package.

Pelosi’s amendment package will repeal Ben Nelson’s kickback, it will prohibit any federal funding for abortion and therefore any insurance funding for abortion, it will remove taxes on high price insurance plans, and it will never be passed by the Senate.  The Senate cannot use reconciliation to pass a bill with heavy social implications such as banning insurance coverage for abortion.  The Senate also cannot use reconciliation to pass a bill that increases the deficit by cutting unpopular taxes.  And of course, the Senate cannot pull together the necessary votes if the bill does not include the bribes it took to get Senators like Landrieu and Nelson on board.

Think about it.  If the Senate could pass the House amendments through reconciliation or any other means, why don’t they just pass the House bill that is already written?  Why amend the Senate bill to look like the House bill and then just pass the amendments?  Why would the Senate pass a package containing everything they specifically left out of their bill?

So when the House passes Obamacare with the reconciliation package, and the Senate votes down the reconciliation package, the Senate bill will go to Obama to be signed into law in it’s current form.  Abortion will be funded, Senators will get their kickbacks, House Democrats can claim they took a stand against abortion funding and for the unions, and Obama can finally claim the second major policy victory of his Presidency (the stimulus pork bill being the first).

But it gets even better.  Harry Reid may decide not to pass the House amendment package through reconciliation.  After all, the point is not to pass the House changes.  Instead of simply discarding the House amendments and sending the bill as is to the President, Reid may go ahead and push for a normal supermajority vote on the House reconciliation plan.  That way Senate Republicans can either give Democrats bi-partisan support of Obamacare by voting for the Pelosi reconciliation package with it’s union favors and higher spending, or they can give Democrats bi-partisan support in voting down the Stupak’s abortion amendment and repeal of the Democrat kickbacks.  The Democrats could actually turn the split in their own party into a split in the Republican party; something they haven’t succeeded at yet in this debate.

In the end, for the ignorant and uninformed voting majority of Americans, this strategy is a guaranteed success.  The only thing that can stop Pelosi, Reid and Obama now is vigilance and a strong statement from the American people that we know what they are up to.  So it comes down to this: if you are not against it, you are for it.  Call your Congressman and ask them for a definitive stance on Obamacare.  If they say they are not sure, undecided, or would only support it with the reconciliation amendments, call them on it.  And a vote for Pelosi’s reconciliation package, no matter how good it sounds, is nothing more than a vote for the Senate version of Obamacare.

Republicans have been played into a corner.  Only the American people can stop Obamacare now.

Stupid Stupid Stupak

We thought Obama’s healthcare takeover was dead.  We may be wrong.

One thing is for sure, we probably aren’t going to see a new bill.  In order to ditch the current junk bill and prepare a new bill, the House and Senate would have to have some potential of actually agreeing with one another.  With the pro-life Democrats in the House and not enough Senators willing to break their rules and use reconciliation to pass social policy, a new bill would be almost as likely than an actual bi-partisan compromise.

But Obama doesn’t need a new bill.  All he needs is for the House to pass the bill that the Senate passed before Brown was elected in Massachusetts.  There’s only one problem, and I highlighted this back in November: the Senate bill funds abortion and the House doesn’t want that.

Whereas the Senate bill funds abortion, the House bill makes it so that abortion cannot be covered by insurance companies.  That is just one of the costs of government run insurance.  When the people pay for your healthcare, the people can decide what healthcare you can get.  In an act of uncharacteristic heroism, Representative Bart Stupak ensured that the House bill had an amendment that does not allow the government to buy our insurance if that insurance covers abortion.  It was the only way Pelosi could get enough votes to pass their version.  Since the government will soon fund every insurance company, companies would no longer be allowed to insure abortions.  It would almost make passing the bill worth it.

Stupak had been the last line of defense against the House passing the Senate bill, but now he is talking about making a deal.  What would a Democrat, willing to put his career on the line to protect the unborn, sell his soul for?  In this case, nothing.  Stupak instead is about to fall for the oldest trick in the book.

It’s like in the movies when the evil interrogator says “Tell me what I want to know and I’ll let you go free!”  We all know what’s really going to happen.  They can’t make changes to the Senate bill without the Senate having to pass it again, which won’t happen.  What they can do is tell Stupak that if he votes for the Senate bill, they will pass a “fix” bill with his amendment.  Obama has already been talking about passing a second fix bill because face it, he knows as well as we do that the current bill is crap.  Even Steny Hoyer could only muster a “better than nothing” when describing the current healthcare bill.  Stupak may be close to making this deal.  He will vote for the Senate bill with nothing more than a promise from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that the Democrat leadership will write, pass and get a Presidential signature on a bill that says no government funded insurance plan can cover abortion.  Come on Stupak, think about it.

If the Democrat party with complete control over both houses of Congress cannot pass their own healthcare reform bill, there is no way they will pass a second bill placing any sort of limits on abortion.  If he lets this bill pass, it will be Stupak surrounded by millions of taxpayer funded aborted babies, with Stupak saying, “But you promised nobody would get hurt!”

Community Reinvestment “The Healthcare Edition”

I’m sure you’ve heard a common definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results.  Enter the latest version of the Community Reinvestment Act.  If you remember, the Community Reinvestment Act is what forced lenders to make loans to high-risk individuals at regulated prices.  It was a clear solution for the liberal minded.  As you know, the rest is history.  Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac made loans to people who couldn’t afford them at rates that were unsustainable.  Then they repackaged those loans with other assets and sold them to investors.  When the house of cards collapsed, the government took our tax dollars and bailed them out.

Obama is now working to make Blue Cross Blue Shield the next Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and Aetna the new AIG.  Consider his healthcare bill.  It forces insurance companies to sell to anyone no matter how high risk while limiting what they can charge.  It makes businesses who can barely afford payroll buy their employees health insurance with one size fits all plans.  In the meantime, Obamacare makes insurance companies too big to fail by limiting competition and forcing everyone to buy.  Insurance companies, who survive on shared risk, will be forced to take on more risk than they can handle while not being allowed to raise the capital they need to cover it.

Imagine what will happen when the next animal flu pandemic hits and every American goes to the doctor, sending the bill to their insurance company.  The doctor bill will be higher because all their billing will be subject to insurance discounts plus Obamacare adds VAT (value added tax) to medical institutions, clinics, and medical supplies.  Insurance companies won’t have the funds to cover these costs because in addition to price controls they will also be paying higher VAT under Obamacare.

How long will doctors work for free when the insurance reimbursement backlog reaches six months?  A year?  And what does Obama do when insurance company shareholders read their company’s financials?  I think we’ve seen what happens with AIG, Citigroup, GM and Chrysler.  In addition to being forced to buy insurance, we will be forced to own the too big to fail insurance companies.

When the government owns all the insurance companies, already regulates what they can charge, and has assumed by “necessity” all of their risk, Obama will finally have what he set out for in the beginning: a socialist, single-payer tax funded solution.  It will cover abortion, and it will be a system just as efficient, viable, and fair as Social Security.

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