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A Fluke? Or A Movement?

In case you have been living under a rock, Sandra Fluke is the college student attending Georgetown University who testified before Congress that her birth control costs $3,000 a year and the only way she can get birth control is if Congress allows the President to force religious institutions (like Georgetown) to pay for it, which they then did.  Rush Limbaugh got himself into some trouble when he used a two naughty words to describe someone who wants others to pay for her to have sex.  Judging by family friendly ABC’s new show GCB (originally titled Good Christian Bitches), if only Rush had called Fluke an SP, he would have been ok.

The left wants us to see Fluke like this:

She is a very young, very poor college student who perhaps has acne or cysts on her ovaries that only birth control can fix.  However, Republicans are voting to make Georgetown revoke her rights to buy birth control because every sperm is precious.  In the end, perhaps she wrote a letter to her senator and her senator actually read it, but somehow Fluke came in contact with Democrats in Washington DC who found her story so compelling that they tried to have her testify before Congress, but Republicans hate women and wanted only men testifying so they said no.

In actual fact, Sandra Fluke is a 30 year old law student who can afford $50,000 a year for law school, but can’t seem to find her way into Target or Wal Mart where birth control is $9 a month.  She wants to force her Catholic college and all Americans to pay so that she can have as much consequence-free sex as she can fit between classes.  She also is not random.  Fluke has been an activist promoting the idea of forcing others to pay for birth control and morning after abortion pills.  In fact, she was the president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  It’s amazing to me that no one blinks at the fact that this seemingly random student somehow ended up as the star witness for the Democrats, even though Pelosi’s office can’t seem to confirm or deny if the two had ever talked previously.  In fact, Democrats pulled their official witness in order to put Fluke in front of the cameras with her false sob story.  The last minute switcheroo violated policy which is the real reason she wasn’t allowed to testify by those mean old women-hating Republicans.

By the way, which is more offensive?  Rush using naughty words to describe her?  Or Obama giving Christian hospitals, colleges, orphanages, churches and other religious institutions the choice of either providing contraception AND morning after abortion pills or shutting their doors?  Even more offensive is Obama’s hardline on religious institutions while he simultaneously cuts military health benefits.

This brings us to the scary question.  What was Fluke doing at a Jesuit-run Catholic university in the first place?  Doesn’t she know the Catholic church’s teachings on contraception?  Actually, she does and that is why she went there.  Fluke reviewed the Georgetown student insurance policies and enrolled in order to change them.  As a liberal activist, she infiltrated Georgetown in order to use the hand of government to overturn their first amendment rights and force her personal, secular ideologies on them.

This line of attack should scare any religious institution.  It’s one thing when liberals are attacking religion from the outside, like ABC’s new anti-Christian show.  I wouldn’t infringe on people’s freedom of speech and I can control my own remote (imagine that).  But this idea that liberal activists are going to be infiltrating religious institutions in order to impose their secular beliefs on the rest of us should be far more alarming than any naughty words used by an entertainer. Should Christian schools start screening students to make sure they are not liberal plants?

I went to a Christian college for two years.  They taught creation.  They would never pay for morning after pill abortions and actually had rules against pre-marriage intercourse.  They had rules against drugs, homosexuality, drinking, and even foul language.  But it was ok.  We knew that when we went there.  I made a personal choice to go there and live under those rules for two years.  That is something people can do in a free society.  This freedom is the core target of the Fluke-style infiltration assault on Christianity.

This is pretty serious stuff.  The Left has a lot to answer for.  Was Fluke a plant?  If so, it is Fluke and Pelosi who should be apologizing to the country for this blatant fraud and attempt to steal our first amendment rights.


Unemployment: The New Welfare

The media has proven it still wields incredible power.  Senator Bunning has become the newest villain in the world of politics.  While Rangel is taking corporate paid trips to the Bahamas, Pelosi is standing up for him, and Obama is ramming his partisan healthcare takeover through congress, the media is looking for a distraction.  On the other hand, Senator Bunning has been attacked in every way possible by the media simply for expecting Democrats to play by their own rules. wrote an article about how Bunning has always been abrasive and difficult to deal with.  The Networks attacked Bunning for single-handedly laying off thousands of federal workers and “denying benefits” to America’s unemployed.  ABC even tried to track him down to ask him why he is trying to hurt America’s most desperate.

So what is Bunning actually doing to make him slightly more evil than Satan?  Bunning has blocked an unfunded bill in the Senate that would add $10 billion to the deficit to extend unemployment and funnel more money to road construction.  No, this isn’t part of the trillion dollar deficit stimulus.  This is more road spending above and beyond that.

As far as unemployment benefits, typically they are supposed to last for six months.  Already they have been extended to nine months.  This current, unfunded bill would make unemployment payments last up to a year.  At what point do we stop calling it unemployment and start calling it welfare?

But Bunning’s objection is not to increasing road spending even beyond the trillion dollar debt stimulus.  His objection is not to lengthening unemployment benefits.  Republicans understand that under the current economic policies unemployment is not going to get better any time soon.    Bunning’s objection to the Democrat $10 billion debt bill is that it violates the law that Democrats passed called Pay-go.

According to the rules that Democrats passed, Congress has to either cut spending or raise taxes in order to pay for new spending.  It’s kind of like the rest of America.  We all have to budget.  If we want to buy that new TV, we have to stop eating out every night.   But as I have always said with Democrat pay-go rules, they will either waive the rules or use them to increase taxes.  Democrat pay-go rules have nothing to do with cutting the deficit or reigning in spending.  They have everything to do with political hypocrisy.  Bunning has stopped this bill to highlight this as Democrats seek to waive pay-go rules once more to pass more debt spending.  Will it work?

As of writing this, Bunning has already caved and a vote will go forward on this bill.  Instead of taking a stand with Bunning and highlighting the Democrat hypocrisy, Republicans chose to distance themselves from him and validate the media attacks.  Apparently many Republicans would still rather spend our grandkids’ money than take a political blackeye from the media.  After all this time, they are still almost as out of touch with America as the Left.

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