In 1789, the founders of our nation compiled a document that spells out the boundaries of what our national government can and cannot do.  Our Constitution was designed to limit the Federal Government and to guarantee our individual rights.

Since that time, the thrill of power and the fear of losing it has driven the Federal Government to take more and more control away from the American people and consolidate it in Washington.  We live in a post-Constitutional era.  Today every major bill that is passed expands the Federal Government and shrinks the power, responsibility and opportunity of each individual American citizen.  The government takes taxes from its citizens and gives those monies to other states and other communities in order to keep representatives in power and to reward politicians for voting a specific way.

We must take back our country.  We must return to our Constitution and our first principles.  This blog is intended to promote the following  ideas:

1. Lower and Simple taxes. There are various options and ways to implement this, but the important thing is that we promote candidates who understand that what grows our economy and what creates opportunity is putting more money into the hands of Americans, letting them keep more of what they earn and allowing them to invest it, go into business, discover, employ, and build. The government will never be better at spending Americans’ money than the American people are. The government will never have the same spending priorities that the people have.
And of course we need to make tax filing simpler. A simpler system will decrease the burden on the American people. It will decrease government manipulation of the free market. It will make more Americans compliant in filing. According to the Taxpayer Advocate’s office, 2008 saw more than 500 changes to the tax code.

2. Lower spending. As previously stated, the people will always spend their money better than the government will. Our government has spent billions of dollars on wasteful pork. Our government has spent trillions on unconstitutional entitlement programs that create dependency instead of opportunity. Now, in the name of stimulus we are borrowing trillions from our children. It is time to cut spending to Constitutional levels. It is time to put debt principle in the budget and make pork spending illegal. It is time to demand accountability from our politicians with their expense accounts and pay increases. It’s time to replace our hundreds of billions in budget deficits with hundreds of billions in spending cuts.

3. We need to secure our borders. This includes enforcing our immigration laws without amnesty. It includes keeping terrorists out of our country. It includes finding and destroying terror cells before they attack our civilians not afterwards. This could be costly, but consider the costs if we don’t. 9/11 cost us 27 billion dollars in direct costs from the attacks alone. It cost us more than half a trillion dollars over the next two years in economic consequences and close to 400,000 jobs. It is the constitutional duty of the President to keep our nation safe.

4. We need energy independence. It is time to allow American’s to drill for American oil and Americans to refine this oil so that Americans can sell this oil both domestically and abroad. This will create millions of jobs, strengthen our dollar, and Americans will complete this process more efficiently and cleaner than any other nation in the world. There are billions to be made in alternative energies. We need to get out of the way and let Americans develop and make this money and then export it to the world. There are two entities at work keeping oil and gas prices high. It is the OPEC nations who reduce supply and use the profits to fund terrorism, and it is the politicians in America who reduce supply and force us to buy from OPEC. It’s time to change this.

5. We need to return to our documents and constitution that state that all Americans are created equal and are endowed with certain inalienable rights. It is time to end racial hiring preferences. It is time to end the racial divisions in our nation and to actually treat all men equally. It is time to evaluate what in our nation is preventing people from having opportunity and sofar as we constitutionally can, create opportunity. When we create opportunity we need to get out of the way and let Americans take advantage of that opportunity, but we must not force the results of hard work and good decisions on those who do not work hard and make good decisions.

6. We need to return to a society of values. Our libertarian principles cause us to shy away from this, but the fact is corrupt politicians and the destruction of our nation’s moral framework has produced visible, serious results. What I propose is this: We need to act, not just talk, but act on anti-corruption. We need far stricter penalties for politicians who are guilty of crimes but lie and stay in office until the courts kick them out.
7. We need to protect life. Every time one segment of humanity has attempted to devalue or marginalize another segment of humanity we have been dead wrong. From slavery to the holocaust to abortion we have killed billions of humans because we marginalized them. Each time we have been wrong. It is time to make the marginalization of any innocent human life 100% illegal.

These are the basic principles upon which our movement must be built. These are the pillars which we must fight to implement and protect.  This is what this blog is about.


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