Glenn Beck Returns the Right to the Left’s God

I love patriotic rallies.  I love patriotism that recognizes the source of our freedoms and that the founders also recognized the source of our freedoms.  I also love religious rallies and messages that point us to God and the worship of God and Jesus Christ.  Not just worship of a generic god or concept of a higher being, but the one true God.  It’s when you mix the two is when you run into problems.  After all, how can you get a bunch of people together who worship different gods and tell them to return to God if they love their country?

The Left is way ahead of us when it comes to building a national theocracy.  In his criticism of Beck’s rally in DC, Robert Parham of laments how Beck does not preach government’s responsibility before God of social justice and caring for the poor.  Government fulfilling the role of the church is near to sacramental for the Left.  After all, Jesus tells us to care for the poor and Jesus believed in equality and affirmative action, and Jesus believes that the government should take from the rich and give to the poor, and occasionally Jesus enjoys a joint for medicinal purposes.  Welfare, social security, affirmative action, equal pay for equal work, subsidies for green energy, cap and trade, and progressive taxes are all commanded by the Left’s god and found in the Bible.  But of course, as tolerant liberals, the God of the Bible is not real.  He is not more than a reflection of the true god, which is whatever you personally think god might be.  Confusing, I know.

But the god of the Right is quickly becoming not much better.  This god requires patriotism, love of country, freedom for the oppressed in other countries, Federal laws defining marriage biblically, and individual freedom.  Just as with the Left, the Right’s god must also be universal and cover all faiths.  The worship of this god is the revival that everyone from fundamental Christians to conservative atheists are pushing for.  The moral majority has sacrificed God on the altar of universalist politics.

Don’t get me wrong.  Of course Jesus commands us to care for the poor.  But He commands US, not the government to care for the poor.  Of course Jesus tells the rich to sell what they have and give to the poor and not to hoard their wealth.  But Jesus tells individuals.  You will not find one single place in the entirety of Scripture, except in dealing with the Hebrew theocracy of the Old Testament, where God commands the government to give to take from the rich and give to the poor.  Same with equality and social justice.  These are commandments to individuals.

Also, patriotism is a good thing.  In fact, it’s a great thing.  Marriage is between a man and a woman.  It is a religious institution that the government should get out of altogether.  Worshiping God, the one true God, is a great thing.  Worshiping a fake god or made up universalist god is not only silly, it is basic idolatry.  The goals of the Restoring Honor rally are not bad goals.  But invoking some made up universalist god to spur us towards these goals is the natural failure of the Left and is quickly becoming a downfall of the Right.

Should we sacrifice man’s soul in the name of patriotism?  Should our revival be to the principled god of patriotism that we have created?  Should we tie patriotism and freedom to a god we have made with the wood and gold of our minds?  Should individual principles of caring for the poor and social justice be tied to a God we don’t believe in and the government is prohibited from serving?

By all means, begin the revival in DC.  But make sure we are reviving worship in the one true God.  By all means, love patriotism and country.  Praise God for the freedoms we have and use those freedoms for good and individual charity.  After all, that is what our founders truly envisioned.

Consider the words of Thomas Jefferson’s Baptist minister, who was instrumental in influencing the founders’ views on preventing government establishment of religion or regulation of its practice:

“These establishments metamorphose the church into a creature, and religion into a principle of state, which has a natural tendency to make men conclude that Bible religion is nothing but a trick of state.” – John Leland, 1791

The beauty of America, our Constitutional Republic, and the freedoms we possess, the beauty that must be taught and revived, is that we are all free to worship God, to give to the poor, to love our country, to hoard our wealth, to believe a carved piece of wood can save us, to hate our government, and to sit under a bridge with a cup begging instead of working all day.

The beauty of God that Christians must revive no matter what country we live in is that He loves us and sent His Son to die for our sins, so that if we simply have faith in Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection, we will be saved. God loves us, even when we are His enemies.  God commands us to love one another, to care for the poor, to sacrifice our lives and possessions for one another.

Let’s not confuse the two.


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