With Nothing Else to Lose, Obama Claims Victory

July private sector job gains have been revised down by 5,000.  10,000 private sector jobs were lost in August.  Now even liberal media outlets are beginning to wonder if the double dip recession will materialize.  They are a little late to the game, and uncharacteristically so.  When Bush’s recession began, it had already been in the news cycle for a couple quarters.

The surge in Afghanistan is costing as many US lives as the surge in Iraq that Obama so heatedly objected to.   On the foreign and domestic fronts there is not much to be cheerful about.  So just as predicted, President Obama has found the silver lining in the form of his own metaphorical “Mission Accomplished” banner in Iraq.

While trying not to sound like the Iraq war was a good thing, yet attempting to make victory in Iraq sound like a great accomplishment of his, Obama signaled an end to combat missions in Iraq and an early withdrawal of additional troops.  This will leave about 50,000 in the country, despite Iraq having no formal government after their recent closely divided elections.

Not surprisingly, Obama did not give credit where due.  Though he opposed the war that he now admits made America safer, and forcefully opposed Petraeus and the surge (which he is now employing in Afghanistan), Obama attempted to walk the fine line of turning victory in Iraq into victory for Obama.

But this gamble may have no downside for Obama politically.  Democrats have nothing to campaign on this fall.  Their best bill, the overly liberal and unconstitutional health reform bill, has more than half the country supporting repeal and bureaucratic nightmares hidden in the pages that are just now starting to come out.  This fall, Obama may be counting on campaigning on Iraq.

If the end of combat missions is indeed successful, Obama may actually claim success in his promise to peacefully end the Iraq war.  With the immense success of the Bush Surge strategy, this is a real possibility.  On the other hand, if things go south Obama can once again label this as one more catastrophe of the previous administration.  After all, hasn’t he said the mission in Iraq was doomed from the start?

As I have posted before, Democrats will once again be counting on the gullibility of the American public this election cycle.  This time, win or lose, Iraq will once again be a center stage issue of the left.

1 Response to “With Nothing Else to Lose, Obama Claims Victory”

  1. 1 sasoc September 1, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    “Victory for Obama”, what a laugh!! He is no President, and his only “victories” are as an enemy to capitalism and a friend to our enemies around the world.

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