Who is Andrew Romanoff?

In 2006, Nancy Pelosi promised the most ethical and honest Congress in our nation’s history.  She promised openness and an end to the “Culture of Corruption”.  That culture was displayed through a few billion dollars in pork spending, Mark Foley and his naughty text messages, and the bad taste in our mouths from Scooter Libby and Tom Delay who lost their positions and in Libby’s case went to jail, but didn’t actually commit any crimes.

Then in 2008, along came bright, eloquent, handsome, black, young Chicago politician Barack Obama.  I mention black only because, let’s be honest, if there was one thing our nation was not ready for in 2008, it was another old white male President.

Obama promised, as every politician before him, to change the way things were done in Washington.  No more backroom deals.  No more corruption.  My goodness, he was so convincing we even believed he had nothing to do with Rod Blagojevich selling his Senate seat for favors.  Every little thing that came up against Obama was dismissed as political, or even racist attacks.  It’s why we turned our heads and looked the other way when the Denver Post began publishing stories about Senate Candidate Andrew Romanoff.

Who is Andrew Romanoff?  I’m not sure the story even made national headlines.  But you may become more acquainted with that name in weeks to come.  Andrew Romanoff was the former Colorado Speaker of the House, running in the Democrat primary for the Colorado Senate seat.  The Denver Post came out with a story in September, 2009 saying that Romanoff was offered a position with the US Agency for International Development in order to drop out of the Senate race.  As with Sestak, this did not come directly from Obama, but through buffers.  According to the news reports, Rahm Emanual had deputy chief of staff Jim Messina make the offer.  By the way, this would have been a paid position.

So why haven’t you heard about this until now?  At the time, Obama was praised for taking an “interest in the local races” and working to preserve their majorities.  The “top ranking” Democrats who brought the story to the Post refused to be named, causing the story to lack much credibility.  That was before the Cornhusker Kickback when we all thought Obama was still the most ethical and honest President since Honest Abe.

Now a different picture of Obama is emerging.  Once the savior of our political world, Obama is now known for his backroom deals, hardball tactics, and even bribery in violation of our federal law.  I would say he is indistinguishable from Chicago politicians, but I would hate to generalize about Chicago politicians.

In order to go down for bribery, there would need to be an investigation.  Unfortunately, a Senate of Democrats is going to be less than enthusiastic about questioning a Democrat Attorney General nominee; leaving us with the most lawless and political Attorney General in recent history.  Eric Holder has already ruled out a special investigation into the bribery charges against Obama.

If the bribery charges were false and made up by two different Senate candidates in two different states, then this lack of interest would be a significant departure from Obama’s earlier stance against those who would misrepresent him.  In his campaign to pass the Healthcare Tax bill, Obama claimed that he would get the justice department involved if he believed that people were lying about what was actually in the healthcare plan.  But apparently he has no issue about people lying about his personal character or what federal and impeachable laws he has broken.

More likely, this pattern is a true representation of our country’s CEO.  And since he owns the “cops”, we will never see anything come of it.  We once again are learning a lesson in how ultimate power corrupts ultimately.  Our best hope is to give Republican Congressman Darryl Issa the majority he needs in November to force an investigation.

Pelosi promised the most ethical government ever if we put Democrats in charge.  Now I’m wondering how much of that trillion dollar stimulus bill was nothing more than an election buy-off slush fund.

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