001 Days Since Our Last Felony

If what Democrat Representative Joe Sestak says turns out to be true, then I was one month old the last time we had a Democrat President who hasn’t committed a felony while in office.  Of course, I have to qualify by saying “in office” since rape and illegal drug use are both still considered felonies.

You may not know who Joe Sestak is.  That’s understandable.  In a recent primary and special election day when turn-coat Democrat Arlen Specter lost to Sestak in the Democrat primary and TEA party conservative Rand Paul defeated his moderate Republican opponent, most of the media was focused on how a Democrat managed to squeeze out a victory in John Murtha’s old district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 and Murtha enjoyed re-election even after calling his constituents a bunch of bigoted, redneck homophobes who “cling to their guns and religion”.  On that fateful day, the only candidate the administration had heavily invested in (Arlen Specter) was defeated by Democrat Joe Sestak.

How heavily was the Obama administration invested in an Arlen Specter win?  That is the question.  According to Democrat candidate Joe Sestak, they wanted a Specter win enough to bribe him with a high ranking Federal government position if he dropped out of the race.

Pay to play is not a new thing for a Chicago politician.  But bribery is a felony punishable by jail time for the rest of America.  Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich learned this lesson when he tried to sell Obama’s senate seat.  Perhaps he learned from the best of them.  Of course, other than losing his governorship, Blago hasn’t suffered too much.  In fact he recently made his comeback as a contestant on “The Apprentice: Celebrity Edition”.  Rumor has it he may be on “Dancing with the Stars” next season.

If it turns out that Obama did bribe Sestak with a government position to drop out of the race, will Obama fair much worse?  Actually, Obama may do even better.  The precedent in our nation has been that it takes more than a simple felony to result in removal from office for a Democrat President.  Obama also has the benefit of a majority in the House and Senate and an Attorney General who has a recent history of picking and choosing what laws he actually wants to enforce.  By the way, this history now includes his refusal to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate these bribery allegations.

Obama may also be in the clear because now, after making these allegations multiple times, Sestak is holding faithful and true to his party and he isn’t talking.  Neither is the White House, who would normally take such allegations very seriously if they had been made by Republicans.   Claims of bribery have turned into warm embraces on the left side of the aisle in this most transparent, ethical and honest Congress ever.

If this is getting you down, you can take some comfort in this fact: Obama’s lawyers have reviewed the conversations between Obama and Sestak and although no one will say what was said, they have pronounced that nobody did anything wrong.  I don’t know about you, but that sets my mind at ease.


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