Arizona v. America

You must carry an ID at all times.  If you are a tourist and forget your ID at the hotel, you can be arrested even if you haven’t done anything else.  The lame, unintelligent, and disabled need not apply for citizenship.  And citizenship must follow racial quotas.  In other words, if you are black or asian, you have less of a chance of making it through the process.  This is Mexico’s immigration law.

Judging from recent comments by Attorney General Eric Holder (who admitted never reading Arizona’s immigration law) and President Barack Obama (who would never make the political blunder of admitting he never read it), you would think I had just described Arizona’s law.  Wild claims of Arizonans being Nazis and stopping people to “check their papers” have blown this law way out of proportion.

But Arizona’s law doesn’t change things, it simply allows Arizona law enforcement to enforce the laws that the Federal Government has on the books and has failed to enforce.  In fact, more than 60% of the country agrees with the AZ law and wants the same thing for their own state no matter what national poll you look at.

President Obama is unimpressed.  And yesterday he let the President of Mexico know that, stating that Arizona (and those 60% of Americans who support them) are basically bigoted racists.  Of course, it helps that in addition to breaking our immigration, driving, drug and employment laws, illegal aliens also have a history of breaking our voter registration laws.

It’s an interesting state of affairs when our President goes to another country’s president, apologizes for our unfair and racist laws and people, and announces that he would change them if only he could get majority support.  Unfortunately for the President who knows better than the people, it’s not just us standing in his way.

I wonder if Obama and his pick-and-choose AG Holder have realized that changing our laws to make them favorable to illegal immigrants would violate the 14th amendment of the Constitution?  After all, if a non-citizen can work without paying taxes, drive without getting a license, vote without signing up for the selective service, use our schools and healthcare without paying, and come and go as they please, where are equal protections under the law for those of us who have obeyed the US citizen and immigration laws?

I understand Obama’s unwillingness to stop illegal immigration.  His own aunt just received amnesty and he has plenty of other family members abroad.  But to decide not to enforce our laws and then call those who do racists does nothing but divide this country.  And where are the cries of racism when we deport a European or Canadian who comes here illegally?

My great grandparents came here legally.  My ancestors won their freedom and this nation with their own blood.  I am currently going through the immigration process to adopt my son and bring him home.  It can be done.   Get off your high horse and enforce the laws Mr. President.  Then the rest of us racist bigots won’t have to.


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