Caution: Water is Cold and Deep

It wasn’t too long ago that a woman sued McDonald’s and won after spilling her hot coffee on herself.  We’ve all heard the urban legend about the burglar trying to break in through a skylight and falling, then suing you for their injuries.   Well, imagine what you would think if they passed a law requiring you to put cushions under the skylights in your house to prevent injuries to thieves.

That seems a little ridiculous, but if  you watched 60 Minutes tonight you know that is exactly what some people are pushing for.  Every year illegal aliens drown in the All-American Canal.  The canal is about 20 feet deep and is known for freezing waters, no ladders or lifelines, no buoys, and of course, no lifeguards.  After all, the All-American Canal is not meant to have people swim in it.  It’s a water line to bring water into the US for our agriculture in the midwest.  It is basically an irrigation canal.

Activists, including Representative Duncan Hunter’s brother, have lobbied for the government to add more than a million dollars in safety lines, ladders and other such safety measures so that people can safely break our immigration laws.  60 Minutes even included the story of an illegal immigrant who was pulled over breaking traffic laws and deported.  He drowned attempting to come back into the country to be reunited with his family.  The 60 Minutes reporter dutifully grills one of the board members in charge of the canal as though she was the kiddie pool lifeguard who decided to take a bathroom break.  So should we spend a million dollars to make the canal easier to cross?

The answer to this issue seems a whole lot simpler to me.  How about people stop trying to cross into our country illegally through dangerous routes such as long deserts or deep and wide canals.  This of course is an oversimplified solution for the many foreigners who would gladly risk death to come to our country.  Of course, it helps that they don’t have to pay our taxes or buy our health insurance.  I’m sure after this past April 15th there are some Americans who would give up their citizenship to avoid paying taxes.

Another less expensive solution, and perhaps one more symbolic of modern Americanism, would be to put up a caution sign in front of the canal warning of the dangers of swimming it without a life-guard or the appropriate swimming gear.  We could even make the sign bi-lingual.


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