Is Obama Short-selling Wall Street?

Boy, do I have a deal for you.  It’s a little complex, but I’m sure you’ll go for it.  It’s May 1st, 2009.  I have just purchased Toyota’s entire inventory of vehicles at cost.  I will now sell them to you at cost, and then lease them all back from you  at fair market value.  After that, I will buy them all back from you at brand new fair market value.  Oh, and in the interest of full disclosure, I have insured all of these vehicles against recalls with Geico.  So any that you don’t buy, if for some reason they were recalled, I’ll get my money back on them.  One last thing: for every Yaris you buy, you have to buy a Camry and Corolla.

You took the deal.  You spent $10 billion to buy my inventory of Toyota cars.  For almost a year I paid you lease payments totaling $500 million.  Then in January of 2010 all the Camrys and Corollas were recalled.  I stopped making lease payments since the cars were gone.  And, after selling these cars to you for $10 billion dollars, I now buy them back for $0.  Why?  Because Congressional Mark to Market laws now require that you list your assets at fair market value (only if they have lost value) and your recalled vehicles are worthless.  You just lost $9.5 billion.

I would have lost a lot of money too because Geico doesn’t have enough capital to fund my losses, but the President, under the advice of one of my former top employees, bailed out Geico and me with your tax dollars.  Oh yeah, and I donated $1 million to get our current President elected.

This analogy hopefully will help you understand the Goldman Sachs issue.  Toyota was John Paulson & Co, I am Goldman Sachs, and you are the banks who bought mortgage backed securities that I was betting against by short-selling.  In case you were interested, AIG was Geico in this analogy.

So who committed the fraud in the Goldman Sachs case?  You might be surprised to see it is not Goldman Sachs.  Let’s follow the money.  Goldman Sachs donated $1 million to Obama’s campaign while they and their insurer were getting bailout money from you.  Obama’s administration is stocked with former Goldman employees, including Rahm Emanuel.  Now in a shocking surprise, the SEC has decided on a Democrat party-line vote to go after Goldman Sachs for selling toxic mortgage backed securities?

You might not understand why.  Already Obama has promised that he will not return a single dime of this supposedly fraudulent money he received in campaign donations. Why would the Obama government go after Goldman Sachs?  Because Obama is doing Goldman Sachs the biggest favor in the world: he is short selling the rest of Wall Street.

Obama is preparing to ram through Congress a new set of market regulations that will make billions for the government and destroy banks and investment firms.  Obama is destroying Goldman Sachs’ competition.  We are about to see what $1 million will buy you.

The very day the SEC (without the President’s knowledge, or so he says) decides to go after Goldman Sachs, Obama purchased the Google adwords “Goldman Sachs SEC” and directed searches to where Obama talks about the need for Wall Street reform.  Obama claims he had no influence on the SEC’s decision.  But the SEC’s decision will certainly drive public opinion in favor of Obama’s attempts to overhaul Wall Street in favor of his government.  It will also help Democrats in November, making them look like white knights saving us from future bank bailouts.  If you wonder what Obama is truly seeking with Wall Street reform, just look at what he has done already with banks, investment firms, GM, Chrysler, student loans, the healthcare industry, and what he plans to do with the energy industry.

So why would Goldman Sachs take the fall?  Here is where the real fraud is.  What Goldman Sachs did is not illegal.  In fact, it is apparent that not only was the SEC going for a long shot, they didn’t do their due diligence.  At worst, Goldman Sachs could get a slap on the wrist, but it will be all for show.  Taking the heat in this case is nothing more than an investment for a company that has been one of the top Democrat contributors and has filled Obama’s staff with former employees.  The crippling fees, regulations, and backroom deals that will come out of Obama’s regulations will be profitable for Goldman Sachs.

In the end, Goldman Sachs will come out ahead.  My advice? Buy their stock while the best professional paid stock-basher in the country has the price artificially deflated.


3 Responses to “Is Obama Short-selling Wall Street?”

  1. 1 Eddie Poloche April 27, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    great conspiracy on SEC and Obama… where’s the evidence… reminds me of his “birth certificate issue” OR OF HIS alleged allegiance with Bill Myers, or, or, or wait, wait…. his ties to a Racist Preacher…

    Dammit I wish Obama could have seen the future, because when he was campaigning his radar should have told him what Goldman Sachs was doing….BUT WAIT!!!! Isn’t there a trial going on in the Senate with Goldman Sachs? but wait!!!! isn’t the philosophy of the justice system in this country something like “innocent until proven guilty”….

    • 2 ikefriday April 27, 2010 at 12:48 pm

      It’s Bill Ayers. That’s probably why you had a hard time finding out about it. I would love to see you find one thing in this entire blog about Obama’s birth certificate.

      Strawmen not withstanding, the Goldman Sachs trial is a joke. Nothing will come of it except exactly what Obama and Goldman Sachs want. As far as Obama seeing the future, he ran on what GS was doing. While taking a million dollars in contributions from GS, Obama was saying how we need to punish Wall Street for causing the economic downturn. He’s a hypocrite, and he proves it every day he doesn’t return the dirty money he took.

  2. 3 Eddie Poloche April 28, 2010 at 5:52 pm

    His Birth Certificate was provided by Hawaii when he entered office.
    I’m sorry the “birther” movement is “racist” and since they can’t come out and say “I hate a black president” they will hide behind some ridiculous notion that Obama isn’t a born citizen!!!

    Obama met Bill Ayers when he was a TEENAGER…I repeat to the “short bus people”!!! Obama met Bill Ayers as a TEENAGER….
    My God are we holding 40 year olds accountable for what they did in the past…
    by the way: Foxnews, Bill Ayers and Obama have denied this story of them being close pals…

    Again, you speak conspiracy… what do Obama and Goldman Sach want EXACTLY?????? (try specifics!!)

    Again, what SPECIFICALLY (umm like examples) do you mean when you say “Obama ran on what GoldmanSachs was doing”???

    Lastly, receiving a donation is different….
    Churches all across the country receive donations from Criminals who attend their church.
    The Red-Cross Receives Blood Donations from Criminals…
    The United Way Campaign, received donations from Criminals…

    My Point: just because a Criminal gives a donation to a person, don’t automatically deem the person receiving the donation a criminal….

    Although you’d like to believe in the conspiracy that Goldman Sachs somehow control all of America and for some magical way convinced the American People to vote for Obama… He’s the President, get the f**k over it already….LOL…

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