Obama’s Healthcare Plan vs. My Healthcare Solutions

A few months ago I wrote fifteen Conservative Constitutionalist healthcare solutions that would fix our healthcare system.  Since then, Obama has passed his healthcare reform tax bill.  Let’s see how his solutions measure up.

1. End medicare and medicaid. These open ended guaranteed government payments allow businesses to operate and make millions while justifying poor service because the Government thinks it is paying discounted prices. Any medical assistance programs must be implemented on a state level where it is not unconstitutional.

Instead, Obama cut Medicare payments to doctors and Medicare prescription plans for seniors.  At the same time he expanded Medicaid requirements for states, except for states of Senators whose vote he bought.  And he expanded Medicare to everyone who makes under 133% of the poverty level, starting in 2014.  He also increased Medicare taxes for individuals who make more than $125,000 (if married) and on investment income.

2. Employers should be able to let employees choose their individual plan based on their needs. For example, I am not going to get pregnant, and I don’t anticipate most of the health problems that come with age at this point in my life. Yet I am paying for all of that in my insurance plan.

Instead, companies will be penalized up to $2,500 per employee who they don’t cover under one of Obama’s qualified plans that covers what Obama thinks should be covered.  If your company doesn’t cover you, you will face fines up to $2,260 for not buying your own health insurance that Obama thinks you should have.

3. Insurance should be portable and easily picked up and dropped. When you buy car insurance, you are covered at that moment. When you buy health insurance, you have to wait a year for some coverage to become applicable. This will create competition.

When Obamacare finally comes online in 2014, your insurance plan still won’t be portable because your company will still be required to cover you.  However, it will supposedly be easier to purchase insurance since you can’t be denied for pre-existing conditions.  It does mean though that insurance will be more expensive.

4. People should be able to buy policies from other states. However, insurance companies should also have the option to not sell to certain states that have strict laws regulating insurance companies.

Buying across state lines is still not allowed.  And many insurance companies will be squeezed out of current state markets through higher taxes on insurance companies and increased regulations.

5. People shouldn’t have to go to doctors with 8 years of college debt to get simple physicals or other simple procedures and diagnosis. They can if they want to, but they shouldn’t have to. I can go to Wal Mart for a $70 eye exam, or I can spend a couple hundred dollars to see a private eye doctor practice.

Actually, Obama’s bill makes you need to go to the doctor for more.  Under the Obama bill, you cannot deduct over the counter medical expenses or pay for them with your HSA or 125 plan without a doctor prescription.

6. Some prescriptions should be de-regulated. Think about it, you can get Plan B over the counter, but for a much lower dose birth control taken daily you have to get annual checkups and pay prescription costs.

Again, not only will there be greater impetus to get doctor prescriptions for drugs, but this bill actually subsidizes name brand prescriptions which will squeeze cheaper generics out of the market.

7. HSA plans are a good idea, but the fees make them not worth it. HSA plans must be made simple like a self-directed IRA to be used for any medical costs no matter what your insurance is. If someone wants full coverage and an HSA, go for it. If they want no insurance and an HSA, go for it.

This bill severely limits what you can contribute to health savings accounts of all kinds, limits what you can spend the funds on, and doubles penalty taxes if you spend the funds on the wrong things, like over the counter drugs. And again, it makes it illegal to not patronize the insurance companies even if you can afford your own healthcare without insurance.  This bill makes insurance companies the permanent middleman which will keep prices for basic medical care high.

8. Doctor/patient confidentiality must apply only to citizens and legal residents. Illegal aliens must be treated and then sent back to their home country where they can obey our immigration laws just like everyone else, however they must pay any medical expenses outstanding as part of the citizenship process.

This bill does nothing to curb use of our healthcare system by illegal aliens.  In fact, this is a better system for them because they don’t have to pay penalty taxes for not paying for insurance.

9. Uninsured individuals must pay for procedures. They can negotiate payment plans and prices with the doctors, but if they use medical services they must pay what the doctor determines they owe. Medical liens should be available to doctors so that they can choose whether or not to treat a delinquent patient before doing an operation.

Now, uninsured individuals can wait until they get sick or injured and then buy insurance that day.  It will increase the price of insurance, which will cause more people to choose to not buy insurance and pay the penalty taxes instead.  The result is a spiral upward of healthcare prices. The mandates don’t bring down health insurance prices, they only fund Obama and the government for more spending.

10. There must be truth in advertising. Doctors must be able to let you know exactly what you will owe for a procedure before you have it and you must be able to easily acquire from your insurance company what they will and will not cover. Except in emergencies, reimbursements must be issued before the procedure takes place. This will ensure limited legal action and no recalculations of what you owe after the fact.

The insurance exchanges are supposed to produce this.  But with insurance companies as the permanent middleman between us and our doctors and the government as the permanent middleman between us and our insurance companies, don’t count on it.

11. We need serious and real tort reform. I would recommend a standardization of what a doctor or insurance company must pay for each situation. I would also recommend a clear understanding between doctor and patient of what creates a legal liability for a doctor. For example, if they amputate the wrong foot, it should be clear what your legal options are. If they are doing a procedure and due to no fault of their own something goes wrong, they should be protected from lawsuits. If a doctor explains an operation to you, listing the risks, and you choose to have the operation, you must be the one responsible for that decision.

We got nothing.    Obama would not sell out his lawyer supporters.

12. Doctor education needs to be reformed. The cost of doctor education is unreasonable. But education is a whole other topic that I have dealt with in other places.

Now, when doctors finally get out of school, they will be paying taxes on their services as well.    And when they go to school, there will no longer be competition in regards to their student loans because the Government has taken over the entire school loan sector of our economy.  Apparently that makes us healthier.

13. Patients medical records should be made electronic with every patient being able to access and transfer them from doctor to doctor. GOVERNMENT MUST NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS THESE RECORDS. You think voter ID cards are a violation of civil rights…

Not only will the government have access to our personal records, but so will the IRS and Social Security administration.  The chief of Health and Human Services will use our medical records to standardize and de-humanize treatments.

14. It’s up to the states, but I would recommend that states do not cover abortions, smoking or drug related illness, sexually transmitted diseases or cosmetic surgery.

Smoking and age are now the only two factors insurance companies can use in determining what you pay.  Apparently you can still drink, eat twinkies for breakfast lunch and dinner, engage in promiscuous sex, do drugs, and whatever else as long as you don’t smoke.  And when you get AIDS, liver disease and diabetes from your unhealthy lifestyle, the insurance companies have to cover you that day and charge you the same as what they charge your health-nut neighbor (unless he smokes in which case they can charge him more).  Philip Morris must not have sent enough lobbyist muscle to Washington.

The government will ensure that everything else is covered.  And if you want an abortion, the government will write you a blank check.  Just don’t tell them what it’s for.  It’s like telling anti-gun advocates that you are going to give $1 million to every gunstore in the country so that they can increase their inventory of safety equipment.  You’re not anti-safety, are you?

15. Businesses and individuals should be allowed and encouraged to pool insurance plans or create healthcare associations to negotiate for lower rates and create pooled risk. Already there are many Christian community organizations who do this and provide medical coverage for less than $100 a month.

The government will allow for government regulated non-profit insurance co-ops, but with taxes on doctors, healthcare equipment, drugs, and increased regulations on health savings accounts and insurance companies, it’s doubtful whether even a non-profit co-op would be affordable.


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