Dear Sen. Nelson’s Staffer

Dear Sen. Nelson’s Staffer,

I address you because I know Senator Bill Nelson is a busy man and will not actually read my email.  Besides, you are the one I want to talk to.  If your job, along with reading Bill’s email, is going over legislation that he doesn’t have time to read and disseminating it for him, you have failed miserably.

Today I received an email from your boss (well, probably from you) containing the speech he recently gave regarding health “reform” from the Senate floor.  As I read it, it became obvious that he has not read the bill.  It also became obvious that you have not read it either.  Let me give you some examples:

“Mr. President, for the first time, we as a nation are recognizing that people have a right to not be destroyed by sickness.”

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know not getting sick was something you could legislate.  Last time I checked, even the rich and powerful get sick.  In fact, most of them die too.  And the ones who haven’t probably will some day.  My question would be, if you can outlaw sickness, why haven’t we done it already?…

“Under the Senate bill passed by the House and signed into law by the president – folks will no longer have to choose between their health and their pocketbooks.”

Ok, this is true.  It won’t be a choice anymore.  Because if we don’t pony up for health insurance, we will be penalized by the government.

“Parents will no longer have to worry about whether they can afford to get their kids to the doctor. ”

I didn’t see a provision in the bill that makes kids healthcare free.  I saw something that makes it so that insurers have to cover kids under their parents insurance until they are 26 (which will increase premiums for everyone).  I also saw something saying that parents who wait until their kids have pre-existing conditions before buying healthcare can get it no questions asked (which again means higher premiums, much higher than the penalty for not buying insurance).  I saw in 2014 they have tax credits that the middle class don’t qualify for to pay for these much higher premiums.  But nope, nothing about free healthcare for kids.  At least not anything we didn’t already have through SCHIP, mandates that ERs treat people, and state programs.

“Seniors won’t have to wonder if Medicare will still be there for them several years down the road.”

Ok, that one’s true.  Medicare will be there.  Medicare Advantage won’t.  Doctors who take Medicare patients won’t.  But Medicare will be.  So will Medicare taxes on their retirement investments they have been accumulating all their life.

“But very, very importantly, we’re also going to hold the insurance companies accountable.”

If by holding them accountable you mean forcing everyone in the country to buy their product, then I guess this one would be true too.

I understand how happy you all are over there on the Left about finally adding healthcare to the long list of things we must rely on the motherland for, but don’t take us for fools.  We know exactly what you have taken from us with this bill.  We may not have been in the backrooms watching the deals take place, but we saw who walked in and what came out.  While there are many now who imagine that this bill means Christmas, we know any present your boss and his colleagues consider themselves unworthy of is not something we are interested in either.  Oh, and you can tell him we know the dirtiest secret of all, that we will be forced to fund abortion.


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