Healthcare Horror Show

We’ve all seen the scary movie where the power is cut during the party and the young ditsy blonde decides it’s a good time to go out to the garage by herself to get more beers.  And we all sit there and scream NO, It’s a trap!  That is kind of like Obama’s “bi-partisan healthcare summit”.

When you hear “bi-partisan healthcare summit”, you might think it is a meeting between the two parties where they work together to come up with a new healthcare plan that the majority of Americans approve of.  This is not the case.  Today, Obama and his Democrats are announcing that they already have a new plan.  And by new they mean just like the Senate plan but with more taxes and government takeover of the private sector.  Oh yeah, and Obama cut back on the Union tax on cadillac health plans.

In fact, the new Obama plan still allows for backdoor abortion funding, still forces every American to buy health insurance from Obama approved corporations, and still costs a trillion dollars.  The only new things are higher taxes on investment income and price controls.  Because we know from the Carter years how well price controls work and nothing says “focused on improving the economy” like raising taxes on economic investment.

So you might be asking yourself why the Democrats would call a bi-partisan summit if they already have a partisan plan that many have suggested they are willing to forgo Senate rules to pass?  The Democrats have painted the Republican party as the party of “no”.  And they would love to extend the open arms of bi-partisanship and have the Republicans say “no” one more time.  The trick is to appear to be bi-partisan without actually being bi-partisan.  Dems have done it again.

It’s a win win situation.  After all the backroom deals, one sided debate, and party member buyoffs, Obama can now claim that he is making a good faith effort to hold debates and meetings on C-Span.  If the Republicans don’t show, he can say he tried and many Americans will actually believe him.  If Republicans do show up, Obama can stick to his guns, claim Republicans are stubborn and refuse to work with him, and then pass the bill on reconciliation as a “last ditch desperation move” to get something done in this partisan country.  If Republicans show up and do find a compromise, Obama will finally have what he has truly been looking for: shared guilt.  When things go terribly wrong, like they did during the first two Pelosi years, Obama will have cover because hey, the Republicans voted for it too.

What can Republicans do?  The only solution is something that has eluded them for 18 years.  They need to communicate.  The Republican plan is tort reform, portability so that you won’t lose your plan if you lose your job, ability to buy across state lines and increase price cutting competition, honesty in the industry, medicare fraud reform, and tax credits to people who truly can’t afford insurance so that they can choose their own policy to fit their needs.  No public abortion funding, no public funding for illegal aliens,  and no mandates to buy from government approved corporations.  Obama is counting on his ability to out-campaign the Right.  But after 14 months of seeing the results of Obama’s flowery policies, the Republicans may be able to win this debate with just the facts.


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