Out of jobs to lose

After we threw a trillion dollars in debt at our economy, Obama was finally able to boast positive job growth in November.  That was short lived as December and January both saw job losses once again.  But it is one year since Obama passed the stimulus  and only 6% of Americans actually think the stimulus has created or saved a single job. That 6% represents the Obama administration, Pelosi/Reid congress and most of their extended families.  The rest of us know better.

Obama has decided to return to campaign mode in an attempt to cast his debt spending in a positive light.  On his facebook Obama is promising that he will finally focus on jobs in 2010.  As part of his new campaign, Obama is highlighting how job losses have slowed.  He has produced a graph showing how Bush made things really bad, and Obama has fixed things and put them back where they were.  This graph depicts net job growth for every month going back to 2007:

What Obama Sees When He Looks At Our Economy

Can anyone figure out what is wrong with this graph?  Eventually, you run out of jobs to lose.  If we continued to lose jobs at the rate we did in January and February of last year, unemployment rates would be so high right now that they would drop significantly every time a kid opened up a lemonade stand.   This chart doesn’t show that unemployment is getting better, it shows that we can’t get much worse.  Can’t get worse, that is, until taxes go up by 5% on employers next year and Cap and Trade laws make the cost of doing business out of reach for most Americans.

The chart that Obama isn’t putting on display is what has happened to the unemployment rate since Republicans lost the congress in 2006:

What The Rest Of Us See

The Stimulus has produced debt not jobs.  Even the dip at the very end of this unemployment rate chart is due only to people giving up looking.

Obama can continue to make speeches and declare 2010 to be the year that job growth returns, but until we rid ourselves of this anti-business administration, with their magic wand promises and band-aid solutions, we will continue to see unemployment around 10%.

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