Obama’s Greatest Accomplishment

Things are getting bad.  Yesterday the Politico reported that if Obama gets the jobs bill passed it will be a much needed victory for him.  Yes, the same jobs bill that is 80% tax cuts and credits and re-authorizes the Patriot Act.

Obama continues to blame his problems on the last 8 years, and he has a valid point.  When Bush bailed out AIG, then AIG paid off Goldman Sachs, Goldman Sachs then became Obama’s number one contributor.  The biggest failure of the last 8 years was Bush effectively and unwittingly buying Obama’s election with our tax dollars.

There is one thing the Obama Administration is not ready to blame on the last 8 years: his mission accomplished in Iraq.  Yes, you read that right.  Vice President Joe Biden has labeled the pacification of Iraq as one of the great accomplishments of the Obama administration.  The only problem is that Iraq was pacified when Obama stepped into office.  The only reason Iraq suffered a period of turmoil at the beginning of Obama’s administration was because he was so eager to prove that he could accomplish things he pulled our troops out of Iraq’s major cities shortly after arriving.  The result was hundreds of Iraqi civilian deaths.  In fact, if you analyze the deaths and civilian deaths in Iraq, what you will see is a steady decline in 2008, and then an increase followed by a decrease in 2009.  2009 deaths ended near the same level they ended in 2008.

It’s odd that Biden would declare Iraq to be one of Obama’s greatest accomplishments.  Obama was the only major candidate in the 2008 election or Democrat primary who could claim that he did not support the Iraq war at any point in his political career.  Biden considered the Bush policies that actually won the Iraq war to be a failure.  He would have split the country up into three weak factions and then pulled our troops out and let the strongest bidder in the region take whatever mess was left.  Speaking of the strongest bidder, this week Ahmidenijad has announced that Iran will be developing weapons grade nuclear materials in direct defiance of our President.

Biden might be right.  Obama’s best accomplishment might be  managing to maintain Bush’s successes in Iraq.


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