Making Us Comfortable

On Wednesday, Obama will stand before the country and spin like he never has before.  It’s been a rough month for Democrats.

The Scott Brown victory has made many on the left realize that Americans are upset.  They haven’t figured out quite what we are upset about yet.  But one thing they know for sure, if they don’t figure it out soon they might lose big in November.  Robert Gibbs’ theory is that they voted for Scott Brown for the same reason they voted for Barack Obama.  Americans want change.

Obama actually has come closest out of the Democrats in figuring out some of what we might all be upset about.  The economy is terrible, the deficit is way too high, and one in ten Americans wants a job but doesn’t have one.  Obama has tried already to fix the economy by increasing the deficit, creating revolving door jobs in specialized fields and tax-paid government offices, and punishing businesses and banks.  But for some reason it isn’t working.

The economy is just one more area where Obama has promised and tried to deliver one thing and ended up doing the opposite.  Obama had taken a break from the economy, perhaps out of frustration, to work on Health Reform.  He worked very hard on a bill to make healthcare costs go down, expand availability, punish evil insurance companies, and bring open and honest government back to Washington.  Instead, he ended up with a bill that raises healthcare costs, forces all Americans to buy from the evil insurance companies, leaves nearly 25 million still uninsured, and has been crafted behind closed doors by lobbyists and special interest groups.  The good news is that the bill was defeated.  The bad news is that Obama and his party are back to trying to “fix” the economy.

Obama’s new plan to fix the economy includes tougher regulations on banks who are already freezing lending, higher taxes and mandates on businesses who are already freezing hiring, and a mix of tax breaks for childcare and college loans.  Unfortunately, working parents and recent college grads don’t hire people.

Obama is hoping that his populist approach will be the opiate of the masses.  In his State of the Union address he will promise three year freezes on certain domestic spending programs.  Don’t worry, entitlement programs, popular programs, the military and the pentagon are all exempt.  And you can count on pork vote buying being exempt as well.  This is just a recycled broken promise.

Even if a spending freeze were to happen, he will make up for it with billions in spending and “stimulus”.  The deficit for next year will match this year at $1.4 trillion, but economists predict that a three year spending freeze will only amount to $250 billion.  Unless he drops the “doc fix” Medicare bill, that money is already spent.  But what you will hear on Wednesday is how he is cutting the deficit and making the tough decisions.

Next he will talk about punishing Wall Street fat cats and getting our money back.  This is the Liberal way.  Take our money away from us by taxing our employers and the products we buy, and then give it back through social and domestic programs.  To us it appears that Obama is robbing from the rich and giving to the poor.  But in the end, all they have done is make us comfortable as the life ebbs from our economy.

Obama will finish his speech telling us about his new domestic policies.  Instead of pro-business tax cuts and incentives for growth, Obama is going to offer tax credits to the poor and middle class to make us more comfortable in our America.  He will vilify those who break free and work their way into his America and announce how he plans to take care of us until enough employers can overcome his policies enough to start hiring again.


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