“Better Than Nothing”

As Obama’s health insurance industry bailout teeters on the edge, Democrats are going back to the mantra that got them through the pork stimulus bill and cash for clunkers.  It’s better than doing nothing.  Better than nothing was the quote from Democrat House majority leader Steny Hoyer as even Massachusetts voters consider flipping Kennedy’s seat to a Republican and killing the Democrat filibuster proof majority in the Senate.  The last time a Republican held a Senate seat in Massachusetts was 38 years ago.  The last time Ted Kennedy’s seat was held by a Republican was 1946.

What was promised was an open and honest debate on universal healthcare that would cover every American, decrease the deficit, avoid rationing, keep Medicare intact, leave the freedoms of private industry untouched while regulating the evil corporations that cancel people’s insurance plans when they get sick, and of course make the Republican party finally obsolete.  Instead, we got a bill that no one but Democrats, lobbyists, special interest groups and union bosses have actually seen.  Deficits will increase by a couple hundred billion dollars, healthcare will be rationed, Medicare will be cut (according to the bill), and Obama approved insurance companies will receive a bigger bailout than the Auto industry and banks combined when the government starts penalizing you for not buying insurance from Obama approved private corporations.  But it’s better than nothing, right?

Doctors, healthcare providers, and non-union members with high quality insurance plans will be taxed.  Oh, and before the homosexual community pursues gay marriage much further they should consider that Obamacare includes a marriage penalty that will increase health insurance costs by as much as $2,100 more for married couples making $50,000 than couples who are simply living together.  Oh yeah, and no free public option.  But it’s better than nothing.

Part of the reason Hoyer might think the Senate bill is better than nothing is because it makes all American pay for abortion.  The house bill actually protects pro-lifers thanks to Congressman Stupak, who is ironically a Democrat.   The Senate bill does not have the same protections thanks to the now infamous Senator Ben Nelson buyoff.  Democrats seem hellbent on making pro-life conservatives pay for abortions and organizations like Planned Parenthood who break parental consent laws and protect 31 year olds who get 13 year olds pregnant.

If anyone needed to see what healthcare rationing might look like, they need not look further than the H1N1 vaccine debacle.  I don’t remember there being massive shortages of Viagra, Prozac, Riddlin or other popular privately produced and distributed drugs in recent history.  But let’s let the government manage and distribute our healthcare.  It’s better than nothing.

We can hope that a Republican could win in Massachusetts.  We can hope that if he does the Democrats will respect Massachusetts law and not let soon to be former Senator Paul Kirk (Democrat, long time Kennedy friend, and temporary appointee) cast a vote for the bill after his term expires today.  But I think Democrats have worked too hard for this.  Obama can hardly stand up and give his State of the Union address without being able to tout passing healthcare.  In the end we will end up with something that no matter how terrible it is, is “better than nothing”.


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