Dear Sen. Nelson, Pt 2

Sen. Nelson,

I tried calling, but your voicemail box is full. Please vote no on this healthcare bill. I know you probably haven’t had a chance to read the final bill yet and may not get to before you vote on it, but according to Obama’s own Health and Human Services department this bill will increase the cost of healthcare by more than $234 billion. I can’t afford that, I know my boss can’t afford that and I can’t afford to lose my job because he can’t afford my healthcare.

In addition, I have friends who have healthcare coverage through a Christian Co-op that has always worked well for them. The Democrat health plan would penalize them for not buying corporate insurance and going through this co-op instead. Isn’t that a violation of our first amendment protections?

The deals made to secure this bill also violate the constitution. Our founders never envisioned a Medicaid program, but they certainly would never have accepted 49 states paying the bill for 1 in order to secure a Senator’s vote on a massive unconstitutional healthcare bill that forces us to buy from government approved corporations. Senator Nelson, that is Fascism, pure and simple. It is also indicative of how socialist governments work. Whoever does a favor for the people in power, gets favors from the people in power. That is not America and I am ashamed of your party.

I know your mind is made up. I wish you were up for election this coming year. Somehow we need change. We need to change course from this current administration’s goals.


One voice in favor of a return to the Constitutional Democracy we once enjoyed


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