Dear Sen. Nelson

Sen. Nelson,

This morning I learned that even Obama’s department of Health and Human Services has estimated that the current health bill you are debating will increase healthcare costs by $234 billion more than if we just did nothing. I know that your party has continually mis-characterized my party as the “do nothing” party, even though we offered 14 alternative proposals that were shot down by your party. But even if we were the “do nothing” party, that sure is looking more appealing with each new report.

Please do not pass this bill without an amendment protecting me from having to pay for abortions. Reconsider the Nelson amendment (Ben Nelson, unfortunately not Bill Nelson).

Do not pass this bill if it sets up an unconstitutional public option. Our rights have been trampled on enough already. Further dilution of the constitution results in further dilution of our rights and liberties.

And do not pass this bill if it increases healthcare costs by $264 billion and increases the deficit. Don’t tell me it doesn’t, I’ve done my due diligence and know the shell games you guys are playing. I know about the $250 billion medicare increase you guys aren’t including in your numbers when you say it’s deficit neutral. And I know you won’t make the spending cuts you are promising. Now is your chance to begin to restore the public trust. Even CNN is reporting that 61% of Americans oppose this bill. Don’t be one of the 60 senators who passes it.


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