Congressional Districts Saved or Created

If you’ve been wondering where the 650,000 jobs Obama has saved or created are, we finally have an answer.  According to, they are in the 15th congressional district in Arizona, the 42nd district in Connecticut, the 1st and 99th in the Virgin Islands, the 69th and 99th in the Northern Marian Islands, and the 99th district in Puerto Rico.  Here’s the only problem: like the 650,000 jobs, these congressional districts don’t exist.

So where is the money going?  Or better yet, what happens when the government passes universal healthcare but can’t pay for your care because they are paying for health insurance in the 42nd congressional district of Connecticut?  Speaking of government incompetence, have you had your H1N1 shot yet?

150 million doses are needed to cover all of America.  The government promised that by now we would have 40 million.  They have actually provided 11 million.  The H1N1 virus has reportedly caused more than 1,000 deaths and more than 20,000 hospitalizations.  It’s been nine months since the first case of H1N1 was reported.  Obama’s CDC makes Bush’s FEMA look good.

With a health insurance plan that will increase costs, cause another 5.5 million jobs to be lost, increase the deficit another $250 billion, raise taxes on all Americans and take away our healthcare choice, you would think we wouldn’t need glaring examples of government stupidity to let us know that government is not the answer.

Perhaps the most ironic thing about the Democrat health bill is that when the Stupak-Pitts amendment is removed, and Americans are required to buy government approved health insurance and pay taxes, you will be forced to pay for abortion.  If you don’t you will go to jail.  Imagine that, the party that always argues that we can’t make aboriton illegal because then you would be sending expecting mothers to jail, now supporting sending us to jail if we don’t pay for abortion.

Oh, and don’t forget the real winner of the week, bringing non-uniformed enemy terrorists to New York City to be tried as civilian criminals.  But of course, Holder made this decision only after consulting the best legal experts…his wife and brother.  Who knew when Obama hired him, he was hiring the whole family.

Kind of makes you wonder, when the government can’t afford your life support anymore, which member of Kathleen Sebelius’ family will be deciding to pull the plug?


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