Global Climate Change Ices Titans

On Sunday the New England Patriots handed the Tennessee Titans a humiliating 59-0 loss.  Both Kerry Collins and Vince Young consistently handed the ball over through fumbles and interceptions.  On top of that, Tom Brady threw a record five touchdown passes in the second quarter of the game; sealing the victory before the first half came to an end.  Now, one prominent politician and former Presidential candidate is crying foul.

Tennessee native and former Senator Al Gore said late Sunday night that the Patriots’ win should have an asterisk next to it.  His reasoning?  The Titans, who play in a normally warmer climate than the frigid Gillette Stadium, were not prepared for the early October snow and ice storm that struck Foxboro this past weekend.  The unseasonable cold and snow caused the Titans to mishandle the ball and not think clearly, argued Gore.

Although Al Gore won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for his work in cutting developed industrial nations down to the level of more peaceful third world countries with his work on Global Warming, recent cold trends have caused scientists to rethink and expand their hypothesis to include all types of global climate change.  After the crushing loss, Gore posted a scientific study of the game at his website along with photos of the conditions at the game:

Titans vs. Patriots

Titans vs. Patriots

Although Gore later admitted that the photo had been slightly doctored and computer images had been added, his team of scientists are prepared to testify that certain areas of the stadium could very well have looked like that on Sunday evening.  The NFL is reportedly seeking to have the webpage taken down since it supposedly carries pictures and descriptions of the game, which is strictly forbidden under copyright law.


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