A Ribbon for Participation

When it came to the 2016 Olympics bid, at least we showed up.  In fact, as far as showing up goes, America deserves a gold medal.  We sent Oprah, Michelle Obama, and when that didn’t work, we sent the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama.  Obama came to Copenhagen like the god the rest of the world thinks he is, and even offered them a speech from his golden teleprompter.  He made lots of sacrifices to be there, such as putting the war in Afghanistan on the back burner.  Some are calling this a colossal failure.

Turns out, they’re wrong.  In fact, now that we have lost the Olympics bid AP is reporting on exactly why we never wanted it in the first place.  Turns out, the Olympics are expensive and not good for much more than name recognition for your city.  Chicago already has name recognition since the President of the world came from there. According to the AP we should be very happy that Chicago only got fourth in the 2016 Olympics bid.

I would imagine Obama knew ahead of time that the Olympics would be nothing more than a multi-million dollar bill that America can’t afford during this recession.  If you think about it, Obama has been setting this up for a while now.  Whether it was badmouthing the US to the UN and explaining why the US doesn’t deserve any special treatment, talking about all the problems we have,  his amazing display of incompetence in his dealings with Iran, or perhaps just the simple level of arrogance and assumption in his Olympic bid, Obama purposefully hijacked our prospects in Copenhagen.

What else would explain the world still seeking to punish the US even after we obeyed them in the 2008 election?  After voting the evil Republicans out, we all figured the rest of the world would finally love us once again.

Sure, we haven’t passed universal healthcare.  If you go on any political forum you will discover how freakishly obsessed foreigners are with the US passing universal healthcare.  On Obama’s Facebook page he will often post updates about healthcare, which are met with constant praise, worship, and cries of affirmation from Europeans, South Americans, and Canadians.  Perhaps Obama’s failure to pass universal healthcare explains how easily Copenhagen snubbed him.  Then again, considering how bad for Chicago the Olympics would have been, maybe the delay on universal healthcare has been intentional.  After all, even though Representative Grayson attempted to blame the delay on Republicans, Democrats own the House and Senate with all the votes they need to pass universal healthcare tomorrow if they wanted to.

Obama had to make the appearance.  Daley and the AFL-CIO were counting on Obama to bring home the bacon for Chicago like he did as a Senator.  Obama couldn’t risk losing his base.  But Obama also had to do what is right for our country, and according to the Associated Press, that was losing the Olympics bid.  And those poor naive Rio De Janeirans, they’re still celebrating.


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