Social Sanctions

In the last couple days, to the shock and surprise of the current administration, it has been discovered that Iran may be trying to enrich weapons grade uranium at their nuclear facilities.  Now, this may just be more fear mongering, like it was for the last 8 years when President Bush was warning us about Iran’s nuclear ambitions.  Then again, this time it may be the real thing.

Iran's peaceful nuclear energy program

New evidence of potential weapon development at Iran's peaceful nuclear energy facilities

As is the custom of the left, we will be sure to respond with harsh language, tepid condemnations, and economic sanctions.  If things get real bad over there, we might even send Jimmy Carter.

Economic sanctions, the weapon of choice to combat nuclear weapons proliferation to dangerous terrorist dictators, are when a majority of the international community use their economic muscle to hurt the people living in the dictatorship through embargos, trade restrictions and tariffs.  I don’t recall Saddam ever selling a golden palace to feed his people while under US sanctions.  But we keep using them, so they must work.

Actually, you may not know this, but Brazil has put sanctions on the US.  That’s right, because Uncle Sam takes your tax dollars and uses them to subsidize US cotton growers, the World Trade Organization has determined that we must also pay $800 million in economic sanctions to Brazil (again, coming out of your tax bill).  You would think since we are loaning them $2 billion to drill for oil there so that we don’t have to drill here, they might let us slide on the cotton issue.

Speaking of sanctions, You might never guess who is currently facing tougher sanctions from the US than Iran.  You are.

Now I know, you don’t enrich uranium and try to hide it.  You haven’t test-launched any missiles lately.  Chances are you probably aren’t supplying weapons to terrorists in Iraq.  But you have definitely caught the watchful eye of the US government, and your behavior must be changed.

Enter the mandatory insurance penalty.  If you do not provide yourself with insurance under the Obama health plan, you will pay a fine of up to $3,800 a year per family.  How much is the total revenue from mandatory insurance supposed to come to?  It is nearly impossible to find a clear estimate of how much revenue these mandatory insurance penalties would raise, but it is certain to be more than the $1.64 billion in current sanctions on Iran.

You might ask yourself, wouldn’t it be cheaper than $3,800 a year to just have people pay for their medical bills?  In fact, wouldn’t it be more likely that people would buy health insurance if they were actually held responsible to pay their doctor bills?  Am I suggesting doctors withhold treatment?  Of course not.  I am suggesting that people who chose to not purchase health insurance be put on a payment plan, negotiated with their doctor, after receiving treatment so that the overall cost of healthcare is driven down by all of us.  I call it responsibility over social engineering taxes.

The reason it costs $5,000 to have a broken leg set is because the last 15 people before you didn’t pay for theirs.  Sure, some people are in a desparate situation and won’t pay for their procedures no matter what, but those people won’t be paying any of Obama’s mandatory health insurance taxes either.

What is the biggest difference between paying Obama $3,800 a year for not buying insurance like the government wants and paying $3,800 a year for your medical procedure?  Simple.  With mandatory health insurance sanctions, the money goes to the government.  When you simply require that people be responsible and pay the bills they actually incur, it goes to the doctors and eventually to you as the costs come down.

But instead, be prepared to be hit with all the social sanctions this healthcare plan has in store for us.  Sanctions for drinking soda, sanctions for not buying health insurance, oh yeah, and $215 billion in sanctions for buying a really good health insurance plan.  That’s right, you pay tax penalties for not buying insurance, and you pay taxes for buying too much insurance.  Yes it’s unconstitutional, but that hasn’t mattered for years.

We already face a host of sanctions from our government for bad behavior.  You are punished for smoking, drinking, driving, making too much money, and soon you will be sanctioned for using energy in your home through Cap and Trade taxes.  Perhaps Iran and North Korea never take our sanctions seriously because what they pay is nothing compared to what US citizens pay.

But on the other hand, the government rewards you for good behavior.  If you fit the government mold, you can get more aid than the $3.5 billion in US tax dollars Africa has received in foreign aid.  In the US first time home buyers have received $10.4 billion in taxpayer aid for being a good citizen and buying their first home.  Good citizens who bought government approved cars received $3 billion in aid.  Our very tax code is written to mold us into what the government deems model citizens.  You get tax breaks for owning your home instead of renting, for saving for retirement, for buying health insurance, for going to college, for marrying someone of the opposite sex, for giving to charity, for having two children, and for hiring ex-felons and “disconnected youth” (high school dropouts who can’t get a job anymore since they raised the minimum wage).

On October 1st, President Obama and the international community are going to get tough with Tehran.  Who knows, with enough economic leverage maybe they can get the Iranians to become model citizens too.


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