Dangerous Presuppositions: How The Propaganda Is Working

I have highlighted previously how easily the race card is played by the left.   Suddenly, disagreement with the left equals bigotry and hatred.  Several on the left have made statements that such disagreements will eventually lead to violence.  Nancy Pelosi, as teary eyed as her botox would allow, feared that soon disagreement with the President would result in assassinations and political terrorism.  So it’s really no surprise that when there is the slightest hint of anti-government violence, the right wing conservative tea partiers are easily identified as the scapegoats.

On September 12, a part-time census worker, Bill Sparkman, was found hanging with the word “Fed!” written across his chest in ink.  Sparkman, a Christian part-time substitute teacher, was doing some door to door census work for some extra money on the side.  Shortly after his death, many on the left were beginning to feel vindicated about their prophetic charges of the oncoming increase in violence by radical right wing conservatives.  We began to see grass roots blogs like this and news articles like this linking the death to anti-government sentiment on the right.  Obviously if a federal worker is killed, it must be because of conservative anti-government rhetoric and hatred of Obama.

As the investigation continues, new details are coming to light.  Sparkman was canvasing an area known for it’s drug dealers and meth addicts. Pot growers in the area are known for boobytrapping their illegal marijuana crops that they grow in the remote areas of the Daniel Boone National Forest where Sparkman was found.  Sparkman may have been the victim of his own job.  After all, what drug dealer wants to answer the census questions of “how much do you make and how do you make it”.

You would think an embarrassing jump to conclusions such as this would temper the attacks of the left against what they call “teabaggers” (an offensive slur used against those who oppose Obama’s big government domestic policies).  But this is nothing new.  If a man is carrying a gun at a rally, he must be a racist.  If the video doesn’t back you up, edit it.  Such presuppositions and manufactured fear is more dangerous than the left might anticipate.  For now, the propaganda is certainly doing its job.


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