A Loser for Doctors

There’s something Humana wants you to know about the Baucus Healthcare plan.  The administration is making sure they can’t tell you.

The Baucus plan is a loser for doctors, clinics, medical suppliers and patients.  The problem with the Baucus plan is that it does not deal in reality.  In the minds of the crafters of our new health scheme, if you raise taxes on healthcare providers that is not a tax increase on healthcare consumers.  For Democrats, if you cut payments to doctors and healthcare providers that does not result in a cut in service.

This is exactly what the Baucus plan does.  You may have been asking yourself how Obama plans to cut hundreds of billions of dollars out of the Medicare system without cutting benefits.   If you are like me, you were probably thinking that if it’s so easy to cut waste out of the Medicare system we should have done it already.  Here is the magical plan to cut Medicare waste, ready?

Cut Medicare payments to doctors and healthcare providers.  Obama’s reasoning is that if you cut the amount the government pays to doctors and healthcare providers, they will put in the work to cut waste.  After all, would you treat someone who didn’t deserve it if you weren’t getting paid as much to?  Would you treat someone who did?  The Congressional Budget Office says probably not.  In fact, the Finance Committee is projecting $500 billion in cuts to Medicare providers over the next 10 years.  Humana believes this will result in service cuts and tried to tell their clients so, but the White House has shut them down and has ordered investigations into their claims.

The Baucus plan raises taxes on doctors and clinics, cuts Medicare payments to doctors and clinics, and forces more people on to government approved insurance plans. The insurance companies will be negotiating for the lowest prices possible to pay for their own tax increases from the Baucus bill.  But while insurance companies get 40 million new clients who will be forced under penalty of the law to buy health insurance and given the money to buy it, doctors will see little benefits from the market interference.  Emergency Rooms will be happy to see more patients carrying insurance, but they will still be required to treat illegal aliens.  Also, ERs will still have to treat those who are too poor to get insurance.  Many of these people have not taken advantage of plans that their states offer for the poor so they are not likely to seek Federal help either.  In addition, they do not file taxes, so they won’t have to worry about the Baucus penalty tax for not buying insurance.

In the end, the money makers in the Baucus plan are the insurance companies and the government. The next step in the process is seeing how much it takes in pork barrel bribes to get 60 votes.


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