Kucinich Presents: Healthcare Solutions from Another Planet

Quick Note:

Dennis Kucinich, one of the few politicians who could be described as even further left than the mainstream Democrat party, has added his own voice to the Healthcare Debate.  Dishing out some common sense Socialism, Kucinich disregarded the Baucus plan as a non-starter.  Instead he offered his own idea.  Single-payer, universal healthcare paid for by the profits from insurance companies.  That sounds easy enough, and since insurance company profits would pay for it it won’t add to the deficit.

Why didn’t I think of that?  Of course, there is one tiny flaw.  How do you fund it on day two?  See, when you take away profits from insurance companies, they have no motivation to stay in business.  Ask yourself; would you work for free?  Of course, Kucinich is a great fan of alien universes where they don’t have money and people are unambitious.  So let’s assume that insurance companies decide to become good comrades and donate their money to the Federal Government (under duress) like Kucinich plans.  That brings up the other flaw.  With a single payer system, why would you need insurance companies?  Well, besides to fund universal healthcare with their profits of course. You are left with an unfunded universal healthcare plan that you can’t cancel. Reminds me of Medicare and Social Security.

Everytime a simple-solution Socialist comes out with a plan like this, it reminds me of Star Trek.  On Star Trek they don’t use money, they don’t make profits, and in the end everyone pulls together for the greater good.  It’s beautiful.  It’s also fake.  I’m sorry, but we don’t have food replicators, unlimited resources on planets we haven’t even tapped yet, or doctors ambitious to be doctors solely because they are not something else.  And human behavior on Star Trek was written by highly paid entertainers and writers.  I know this is a let down for many, on so many levels.


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