Obama Earns 17% Return on Investment

Despite the largest deficit in history, trillions in unfunded liabilities, Social Security and Medicare on the verge of going broke, and trillions in additional spending on the horizon, the ever politically optimistic President Obama is claiming today that you have made a 17% return on the Government’s TARP investment.

That’s great news, show me the money.  Oh wait, just like my alleged payout from insurance lobbyists for protesting Obamacare, I have a feeling this is money I will never see.  Obama is like an evil trust fund manager, investing your money in the riskiest of businesses and then taking whatever profit might come of it and buying skate parks and honey bee insurance for Democrat congressional districts.

As a matter of fact, the $70 billion that has been paid back by the surviving banks is almost enough to cover the failed auto bailout which resulted in government ownership of GM and the sale of Chrysler to another country.  By the way, in case you were wondering if we will ever see any of that money back; profits from the Chrysler sale to Fiat went to the unions and GM can’t find their way out of the red even when Obama invests your money in Cash for Clunkers.

The key to Obama’s 17% return on investment figure is that he is only counting the banks that have survived and repayed TARP.  Other banks, like Citigroup, have not been allowed to repay TARP and now are owned by you and me through Obama’s investment scheme.  The mandatory Obama tax investment portfolio, starring Citigroup and GM, would make Bernie Madoff blush.

I’m glad Obama is an optimist.  Honestly, he is more optimistic about the government than Bush was about Iraq.  But as Obama sounds the call of “Mission Accomplished” on the economy, perhaps the only people cheering should be the ones occupying the hundreds of thousands of jobs Obama claims to have created.


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