Why I Favor a Liberal Health Co-op

I’m sure many of you read the title to this post and got the wrong idea.  Calm down. It’s okay. I favor a PRIVATE liberal health co-op.

For a while now I have been asked why I don’t want people to have healthcare.  I have been accused of being immoral, greedy, evil, stupid, and naive.  People I have debated with have conjured up ideas of me standing there, medicine in hand, refusing to act as a child succumbs to cancer.  It all appears to be a natural part of this universal healthcare debate.  People have asked me why it is I don’t want free healthcare.  I think free healthcare is a great idea.  Find me enough excellent doctors who will work for free, including paying all their own expenses,  and let’s do it.

The question has never been whether we want free healthcare or not.  The question is whether we want to pay for our healthcare, or pay the government to buy our healthcare for us.  The question has never been one of morality.  It has been whether we have a responsibility to give charitably to our neighbors, or to give to the government so that the government can give charitably to our neighbors.  The question has never been whether Jesus would want people to have free healthcare.  The question is whether Jesus would pay for His neighbor’s healthcare, or require that the government take His money and buy His neighbor’s healthcare for Him.

I have recently highlighted successful Christian health co-ops that provide healthcare at no profit the way Obama’s unconstitutional public option would.  Here is my question:  why won’t the liberals who want non-profit healthcare that covers the poor do the same thing?  If Jesus would pay for everyone’s health insurance, why don’t liberals get together and start a non-profit health co-op?

This is a somewhat foreign concept, so let me offer some ideas.  They could make payments on a sliding scale.  Hollywood liberals like Michael Moore, liberal Democrats like John Kerry, and the majority of the national media could pay incredibly high premiums that would cover the poor without raising taxes, without violating the constitution, without short changing doctors, and without paying huge profits to the insurance companies.  If this were truly a matter of moral imperative, they would have one already.  They could even name it after Ted Kennedy.

In addition, like a Christian co-op, a liberal co-op could freely choose what to cover and what not to cover without the fear of government mandates.  They could require that you get preventative care in order to keep receiving benefits from the co-op.  They could cover abortions and illegal aliens without me having to pay for it.  They could deny coverage to anyone who chooses to have more than 2.5 children.  They could even deny coverage to anyone whose car gets worse than 20 mpg.  All this without a single penny in deficit spending or any government involvement at all.

If liberals truly care about the poor, I’m sure they will jump at the opportunity to provide a private co-op that covers poor people at no cost.   If nothing else, millionaires and billionaires like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, George Soros, Michael Moore and others could boast how much better and moral they are than the rest of us for providing free healthcare to the poor.  After all, don’t they want people to have free healthcare?  No one should die because they get sick.  No one should go broke because they don’t make enough money.  Isn’t that how it goes?

I support a private liberal health co-op because that would go a long way to fix our healthcare system.  It would ensure that no one is dropped for pre-existing conditions or because they lose their job.  It would ensure that no one goes bankrupt because they can’t afford their healthcare.  It would provide rich liberals a chance to be moral and do what Jesus would do.  It would let them cut out the insurance company middle man and save millions of dollars.  It would allow them to collectively pool resources and bargain with healthcare providers for lower rates.  It would provide competition to other health insurance companies.  They could even have ACORN volunteers manage the trust fund.  All this and it wouldn’t require one drop of government intervention or add one penny to the federal budget.  Then Obama could reform Medicare and use the savings to pay down our China debt instead.

Unfortunately, liberals find it much easier to put your money where their mouth is.


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