Up Next: Dollars for Dishwashers

I’m not joking.

Apparently Cash for Clunkers was such a big hit and so completely successful (as I have chronicled in my blog here) that we are expanding it to appliances as well.  The problem is that you are not spending enough of your money, therefore the Government must spend it for you in order to stimulate the economy.  But don’t go out buying and stimulating yet, the rebates on energy efficient appliances isn’t expected to kick in until some time next year.  So save your money for now, Sears will still be here when this program starts…we hope.

I haven’t heard yet if Dollars for Dishwashers is going to have the same environmentally friendly features that Cash for Clunkers had.  For example, I haven’t heard yet how you are supposed to destroy and dispose of your old appliance to make sure that no evil person sells it on the black market to some poor person who can’t afford a brand new appliance (even with a 20% discount).

That really is the interesting thing about the government programs where the government takes our tax dollars and uses them to pay us to buy stuff.  It’s not the usual Robin Hood scheme of taxing the rich and giving to the poor.  This time it’s taxing the rich and giving to the rich!  Meanwhile, in the name of environmental salvation, we are hurting the poor by destroying less expensive used cars and appliances.

In the end, these stimulus schemes are nothing more than the government ensuring that we are as fiscally irresponsible as they are.  We may have seen out of control government spending, greedy market bubbles, and our own spiraling consumer debt and decided it’s time to pull back and start saving.  The government effectively has responded by taking our savings through taxes and giving it back as discounts so that we can maintain our out of control spending, greedy market bubbles and spiraling consumer debt.


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