If not for Ted, do it for the Lord

I posted not too long ago about different talking points being used to promote Democrat-style universal healthcare.  There is another one to be aware of.

When the debate first started, Democrats said that healthcare is a right, therefore it should be free.  Of course, a quick study of the Constitution reveals that not only is free healthcare not a right, but the federal government is not even allowed to implement universal healthcare.  Sure, every American has the right to work and earn the means necessary to buy healthcare, just like we all have the right to pursue happiness.  Nowhere does the Constitution say we have the federally-guaranteed right to achieve happiness.  We do that on our own.

We now have the newest talking point.  From the same party that made up the story about Bush saying God told him to invade Iraq, and then complained about Bush saying that for the next five years, we now have learned that we have a moral obligation to implement universal healthcare.  What would Jesus do?  He would make sure that we all have healthcare, apparently including free abortion coverage.  After all, Jesus wouldn’t force that poor mother to carry that baby.

CBS News has counted and already Obama has invoked God more than Bush did.  David Harsanyi wrote about the Democrats’ attempt at a moral majority, citing Obama’s invocation of the Ten Commandments:  “I know there’s been a lot of misinformation in this debate, and there are some folks out there who are frankly bearing false witness”

And all Obama’s people said?  Amen.

If you attended the Kennedy funeral, apparently you have now become party to their mission from God.  Talk about politicizing someone’s death.

Invoking God is certainly not a new thing.  Our founding fathers did it all the time.  Both sides on the civil war made lengthy speeches about why they were the people doing God’s will.  Obama might truly believe that God wants taxpayer funded abortions, a drop in medical quality for everyone, end of life counseling, rationing, and more government intrusion into our lives.  But one would think that Obama would seek to avoid the apparent hypocrisy of telling us what God’s will is for our government so soon after the much-hated Bush left office.

Remember what Democrats said about Bush?  “those of us who say God has no place in the Oval Office had better ring the alarm, as loud and long as we can. If he (Bush) truly believes that he hears the voice of God, there is no telling what God might say tomorrow. This is a man who can launch the world’s biggest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction-biological, chemical, and nuclear-at any moment.If Obama hears the voice of God when it comes to universal healthcare, would it be inconsistent to fear imminent nuclear, biological, or chemical warfare from this President like Democrats did from the last President?

Obviously Republicans wouldn’t take it that far, and Democrats wouldn’t when it’s one of their own.

If you are going to invoke God and tell us that universal healthcare is a moral obligation, then you must be consistent.  Here’s my question: if the federal government of the United States must sacrifice the Constitution in order to destroy the quality of our healthcare system and redistribute wealth until every man, woman and child can afford healthcare because it is a religious moral obligation from Yahweh, then shouldn’t we also make sure that abortion, homosexuality, talking back to your parents, eating shellfish, and mixing garments are prohibited under US law?

“But wait,” you say. “Aren’t those mostly Old Testament laws?”  Yes. So is government-instituted charity.  I’m certainly not saying that God doesn’t want us to give to the poor or help each other out, but God certainly doesn’t instruct the government to do it for us.  In fact, every time Jesus talks about selling all and giving to the poor, He is speaking to individuals.  He never tells the government to take from those who have and give to those who don’t.

So don’t tell me that our government has a moral obligation to destroy the best healthcare system in the world and fund abortion with my taxes.  If you want to win the argument and convince me that our federal government has an obligation to take my money and buy my health insurance for me, you had better show me where it says that in the Constitution.


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