This Isn’t Helping

President Obama has gone out of his way to keep the Socialist tag off of his universal healthcare plan.  We remember Biden laughing at a reporter for asking him if Obama’s policies were Marxist. But apparently not everyone on the left has read the memo.

Last night in a town hall, Democrat Diane Watson praised Fidel Castro for his healthcare system in Cuba.  You can listen to the audio here:

“Fidel…is one of the brightest leaders I’ve ever met.  You know, the Cuban revolution that kicked out the wealthy, Che Guevara did that. ”  She sounds almost in awe of the glorious revolution in Cuba.

Of course, we all know from Michael Moore’s “documentary” Sicko that Cuba has one of the best healthcare situations in the world.  When he showed up with his cameras and some disgruntled 9/11 victims and asked for the same treatment the Cuban citizens get so that he can stick it to the evil American capitalists and George W. Bush, of course they didn’t give him special treatment.  In fact, people die every year on home made rafts traveling the waters between the US and Cuba in search of a better life.  Obviously they are going from here to there to get Cuba’s better healthcare, right?

Maybe Obama should just embrace the comparisons instead of shying away from them.  Maybe, as Diane Watson phrased it concerning Cuba, we should kick the wealthy out of our country as well.  Then we can all be as equal as the Cubans are.  Oh, except for those in the Cuban government.  They get a little more wealth since they have the difficult job of keeping everything fair and even for everyone else.

This makes me wonder. Would the left would be as offended about people showing up to their townhalls with Che t-shirts as they are about the swastikas and Hitler mustaches?  I wonder if they would even be able to tell the difference between Obamacare supporters in Che t-shirts and Republicans wearing the t-shirts in mocking protest?

There is a historical irony about Che Guevara, who robbed from the Cuban rich and gave to the government.  Che, who fought several bloody revolutions and oversaw the executions of more than 500 capitalists who opposed his government takeover in Cuba, did not start out as a soldier.

Che Guevara initially joined the glorious revolution as a doctor.


1 Response to “This Isn’t Helping”

  1. 1 Lana August 28, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    I have friends I’d love to force to hear that clip. hehe But you can’t lead a horse to water.

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