Emotions and Memorials

When a great national figure dies, there is always a movement to memorialize them.  Sometimes it takes a while.  100 years after George Washington’s death, the Washington Monument was built at the mall in D.C. with a $1 million price tag.  We are still waiting for the 9/11 memorial to be built.

There is a predictable push now to memorialize Senator Ted Kennedy by passing the healthcare bill.  Media members are whipped up into a frenzy and are all asking the predictable question if Republicans will have enough respect for the dead to cross the aisle and pass this unconstitutional healthcare bill.  Senator Byrd has suggested naming the bill after Kennedy.

Let’s not be so quick to politicize Kennedy’s death.  Yes, he had many years of service.  He accomplished much for his side.  He supported abortion rights, gay marriage, HMOs, illegal immigration and unconstitutional spending programs.  He also accomplished some for the other side.  He helped Bush pass No Child Left Behind.  He voted for the war in Afghanistan.  He didn’t vote for the war in Iraq, but he did say this of Saddam: “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein’s regime is a serious danger, that he is a tyrant, and that his pursuit of lethal weapons of mass destruction cannot be tolerated. He must be disarmed.

No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you can’t deny that Kennedy affected American politics and should be memorialized.   But are we ready for the $1 trillion pricetag the Kennedy healthcare memorial bill brings with it?   The 9/11 memorial is going to be one of the most expensive in US history.  The Wall Street Journal estimates the price tag at $1 billion.  Multiply that by 100 and you would have the Kennedy Universal Healthcare bill.  That would be 100,000 times the cost of the Washington memorial.  I have a better idea.

Let’s name a bridge after Kennedy.  We can use one of the bridges, highways, or skateparks built with the most recent stimulus bill.  On second thought, maybe naming a bridge after Ted Kennedy would be in bad taste.  Lets build a building on Cape Cod and name it after him.  We can even make it a homeless shelter, not that any homeless people actually lived anywhere near where Kennedy did.

We could build a coast to coast highway and name it after Kennedy and it would be cheaper and more efficient than this healthcare bill.  By all means, let’s build a memorial.  But don’t use his death as a political excuse to borrow a trillion dollars from China and spend it on a failed government takeover of our healthcare.  No one deserves to be remembered that way.


2 Responses to “Emotions and Memorials”

  1. 1 wheresthehope August 28, 2009 at 9:55 am

    Teddy Kennedy was a noxious drunk, a sexual deviant and an unrepentant murderer posing as a U.S. Senator. The world became a better place the moment he assumed room temperature.

  2. 2 ikefriday August 28, 2009 at 10:17 am

    Well, I figure the left will be saying the same sort of things about Bush and Cheney some day. My only hope is that emotions won’t drive policy, especially with $1 trillion on the line.

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