There is No Bill: Another Talking Point Identified

When the majority in Congress were preparing to market Cap and Trade, Newt Gingrich intercepted a Democrat marketing memo with specific talking points on how to beat the Right when it comes to passing Cap and Trade.  These points included accusing Republicans of wanting the status quo, going with the phrase “energy reform” over “Cap and Trade” and saying Cap and Trade will be the same as the price of a postage stamp a day.  One of my favorite quotes from the memo was this:

“While we will need quantitative data to
determine with precision whether offering
an alternative figure actually works to
combat the $3,000 (a year per family) number, it would be
useful if the entire progressive community agreed
on a cost figure—a unified message here would make it more credible.”

Democrats have their talking points when it comes to “insurance reform” as well.  They have recycled the “status quo” point, in conjunction with this idea that Republicans are the “party of ‘No'”; and Republicans apparently are selfish and want poor people to die without healthcare.  We are number 37 in the ranking of developed nations according to the now debunked World Health Organization study, and Democrats have milked that for all it is worth no matter how misleading.  Republicans only oppose health reform because Obama is black and conservatives are all racists.  Nevermind the Kenneth Gladney incident, or that the man who showed up to an Obama rally with an AR15 slung over his shoulder was also black.

The Right is spreading misinformation.  Obama doesn’t want to put abortion funding in the bill.  Nevermind that every amendment that prohibits it has been voted down on party lines.  The Right is organized by Rush Limbaugh and paid by insurance companies.  Nevermind that the only people being paid to show up at rallies are Democrats.

Well, there is a new talking point to be aware of.  As Obamacare continues to fail on its merits when presented to the American people, today on Meet the Press New York Democrat Chuck Schumer said that there is no bill.  Newly converted Democrat Arlen Specter said the same thing on Foxnews Sunday while trying to defend the Democrat health plan.  There is no bill yet.  It is the new standard response to any criticism.

Nevermind HR3200.  That is just one of three potential House bills, according to Corrine Brown who came out of hiding to take phone calls at the WOKV studio in Jacksonville, FL last week.  She used the exact same line when defending HR3200.  It appears that in order to save healthcare, Democrats need to get it back out of the public eye and find a way to somehow invalidate the scrutiny.  Democrats plan to use “reconciliation”, a new rule designed to quickly pass measures that will fix the budget and reduce deficit spending, to sneak this bill through.  But even this slight of hand will be easily noticed without deflection.

So when they say there is no bill, does that mean we should calm down and wait for them to produce one?  Is it really true that we have jumped the gun in our protests?  The issue is not the one bill.  The issue is the policy.  Democrats have shown through their speeches, their votes, and their actions what they desire.  If it takes earmarks, piecemeal bills, 300 page additions to unrelated bills at midnight the day before a vote, or the reconciliation process, we know what they want our health system to look like.  They want a public option, they want near impossible regulation on private industry that will lead to single-payer, they want public funding for abortion, by necessity they need rationing, they need behavior modifying taxes such as the soda tax, and they need higher income taxes across the board.  They have also made it clear that they will pass Obamacare with our without Republicans, even if it means bending the rules to pass it with just 51 votes in the Senate.

Don’t be fooled by this new talking point.  They may not have a piece of paper with Pelosi, Reid and Obama’s signatures on it yet, but we have no doubts as to what will be on that paper when they do if we are not vigilant.


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