Opposite Day

Free healthcare for all, for a trillion dollars. No one will lose their current health insurance, except between 7 and 19 million people. Your medical decisions will be made by you and your doctor, as long as your doctor does what the national medical advisory board tells him to based on the government central computer that stores your health records. Also based on statistical success versus cost rates of different treatments times a factor calculating your age and health history.

HR 3200 won’t force taxpayer funded abortion. It doesn’t actually say it won’t, most Representatives tell their supporters it will, and several amendments designed to ensure that it won’t were defeated, but we can trust Obama when he says it won’t, right?

Insurance companies are manufacturing dissent. They are paying Republican protesters to show up at town halls and yell and scream and get almost as violent as Obama’s union henchmen. Except, insurance companies would love universal healthcare. They can get rid of their risky customers by dumping them off on the government, and their less risky customers will be forced to buy all sorts of coverage they don’t need. It would be like a hospital getting paid the same to only treat healthy people.

As far as who is paying who, it turns out Democrat groups are the ones who have to shell out between $400 and $600 a week per person to get their supporters to show up and protest in favor of Obamacare.

Of course, we know that Obama has some very important groups on board like AARP. Oops, I meant AMA (representing 20% of the doctors out there, and quickly shrinking)…or maybe I meant NAACP.

Obamacare isn’t a single payer system. It is just a system that puts you on a public option if your insurance doesn’t meet the regulated minimum standards, or if it changes at all. Single payer would mean congressmen and the super-rich would have to be part of it as well. Obama doesn’t want to force his financial supporters into universal healthcare. Nevermind that Obama once said he preferred a single-payer system, that was before he learned who pays his campaign bills.

Don’t be fooled when Obama announces that he is dropping the public option in favor of a private medical co-op. HR 3200 makes private co-ops illegal. Obama’s government established private co-op will be taxpayer funded, otherwise it wouldn’t insure the uninsured. “Private Co-op” is just a re-worded fancy way of saying public option that Obama hopes will trick the same people who voted for “Blue Dog Conservative” Democrats.



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