The Top 10 Ways To Destroy An Economy

Originally Posted January 27, 2009

Every time there is an economic downturn, we have some wonderful lessons to learn to help us avoid the same mistakes the next time. Well, from this and other downturns, I would like to highlight some of the greatest pitfalls when it comes to turning around an economy. So here it is, the top 10 ways to destroy an economy:

1. Take money away from employers. Employers work hard to produce goods and services that people want and need. In the process, they hire people and provide employment. They are the backbone of our economy. As such, they also employ and pay themselves and receive a premium for their ideas and organization that allows them to employ others. This makes them a prime target for class warfare. But when you take money away from a free and independent employer you can guarantee that they will lay off other workers before they lay off or give a pay cut to themselves.

2. Print money and borrow money so that you can spend 125% of what you take in. Not only does this increase the debt burden on our nation, that every subsequent generation has proven will never actually be paid back, but it increases the cost of goods through an oversupply of money.

3. Take all the money from items one and two and spend them on things that don’t produce economic growth. Prime examples would be $50 million for the arts, $87 billion for “family planning”, $4 billion for neighborhood organizers (wonder who thought of that one). Other prime examples would be $750 billion for businesses that cannot compete and do not offer goods and services that people actually want.

4. Speaking of family planning, reduce the size of your young population. Everybody knows how good an economy runs when the majority of the individuals are no longer capable of producing economic goods and services. It gets even better when their income stream is a ponzi scheme that only survives when there is a greater number of young workers contributing to the system.

Or How about this, take the money from numbers one and two and send it overseas to fund foreign abortions. That way we lose the money and potential future export trade. It’s ok, as long as the printing presses are operational we can spare the cash.

Nancy Pelosi, when advocating cutting the number of babies born in America (hello China), said this: “No apologies. No. We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.”. Think of this as an economic spanking for our badly performing country.

5. Make exploration and procurement of domestic energy illegal anywhere where there are large sources of domestic energy. This way we have to buy our energy from other countries at whatever prices they choose to charge us. Consider it a sort of deregulation of the industry. There isn’t a single thing we can do to OPEC.

6. Speaking of trade, cancel and prohibit beneficial free trade agreements with countries who we already trade with but do not have a beneficial arrangement. Columbia comes to mind. Make sure you do it for political reasons to look good in an election. It’s all about how you present it.

7. Capitalize banks by taking printed inflationary money and lending it to them at two points higher than they can lend it to consumers. Call it a bailout.

8. Create stricter and more costly regulation on already failing industries. For example, if it costs Ford $2,000 more per car than their foreign competitors because they already have to pay union wages and retirement, make it $2,000 more so that they will get a couple extra miles per gallon too.

9. Hand out stimulus checks from the money you don’t have in items one and two. Make them one time payments to lower/middle class income workers. That way they can not invest them, spike the economy through consumer spending for a month, and then return to normal spending levels while leaving lingering inflation.

and finally 10. Hire a known tax cheat who willfully committed fraud four years in a row on his tax returns as the chief of revenue collection for the government.

It’s a no brainer. Literally.


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