Originally posted February 23, 2009

Have you ever tried to open a bottle of wine by stabbing the cork with a cork screw? Chances are, you will just end up frustrated. Cork screws don’t work that way. The way you use a cork screw is you slowly turn it. Each turn, while barely applying pressure, the cork screw draws itself further and further in. Eventually you can’t pull the cork screw back out without taking the cork with it.

That is how democracies become dictatorships. That is how freemen become slaves of their government. No free people wake up in the morning and choose to vote away their freedom. It is a process. Consider this, at one point we were paying taxes to the government so that the government could pay farmers to destroy their crops in order to keep prices higher for us at the store. Ever since, the farmers vote every year for the party who promises to keep the subsidies coming.

Let me take you through the process. In 2006, a party was elected on the promise that they would provide every employee with a living wage. After being elected, this was the one promise they kept. Minimum wage was increased across the board, whether you flipped burgers in Burbank or Detroit.

Within months unemployment jumped among uneducated high school and college age students. Now, as part of the stimulus package, the government is subsidizing employment. You can now get a tax credit for hiring one of the students the government put out of a job by making them too expensive for you to pay.

How about the mortgage industry? Going all the way back to Jimmy Carter, the government has been telling mortgage companies to make mortgages to people who can’t afford them. Government Financial Aid is designed to finance the education of people who can’t afford conventional loans. It turns out, the government was subsidizing our housing and education. Now the government is subsidizing the banks.

As expected, there are strings attached. Banks who took TARP loans can no longer make purchases that your average welfare recipient is unable to make. They can no longer hire builders to make planned improvements to their buildings. They can no longer buy airplanes or hold meetings anywhere other than the basement. They can no longer pay their best employees enough to keep them.

So, how long until the government has to subsidize Cessna and Marriott? The cork screw takes another turn.

So now the banks are failing and for all practical purpose are under government control. They are too scared to make loans, lest they face the deserved wrath of the American people and the government who has to subsidize them as they fail. So now we have to subsidize the housing market. How about a free $8,000 for everyone who buys a house this year? What better way to solve a bursting bubble than by re-inflating it.

Now, after subsidizing construction, banks, highly regulated auto makers, and every special interest the government likes, our leaders have discovered that we did not have the $1 trillion we just spent. In addition, in what would be hilarious if it was a joke, our leaders have now decided that it’s time to institute pay-go. Only a week too late, genius. We know what this means.

It’s time for our subsidized economy, with our subsidized educations, working in our subsidized jobs at our subsidized corporations to be patriotic and to get in the game. It’s time for us to gladly accept the higher taxes and thank our government for saving us. After all, when your greedy private employer can’t afford you anymore, won’t you be glad for the extended subsidized unemployment benefits?

As our states face record budget deficits, some even as high as a couple billion dollars, the only institution big and powerful enough to save them is our Federal Government. Nevermind that the Fed is already $11 trillion in debt and facing a trillion dollar budget deficit. But now, as Gov. Jindal pointed out on Meet the Press, states have to rewrite their laws to be in line with what the Government wants them to be. And where the government wants them to be is spending money they don’t have on state versions of federal programs they won’t be able to afford when this stimulus dries up. Another turn of the cork screw.

What use to be a Laissez Faire economy of individuals in free states, united under a constitution designed to ensure their freedoms and self determination, has become a nation subsidized and now owned by the central federal government. We live in a post-constitution era where the enumerated powers barely qualify as guidelines. But in all honesty, we are responsible for putting ourselves here.

Realizing that we control the nation’s purse strings through our vote, we have sold ourselves to our government. The end of this road is when we work in the job the government has provided us, and the government provides us with a house, paycheck, healthcare, and enough entertainment and luxury to keep us happy. People in our future situation used to be called slaves. We will simply be called subsidized.


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